Passion Living: In Living Color: Tremayne “Mayne Man” Moore

This week’s ‘Passion Living Out Loud: In Living Color’ interview is with Tremayne “Mayne Man” Moore. Talk about an insightful and passionate man. He’s an example of a person whose passion isn’t necessarily a thing, but a concept, a conviction on his life. I met him a few months ago at a book festival andContinue reading “Passion Living: In Living Color: Tremayne “Mayne Man” Moore”

The World Owes You What?

This morning on Facebook I ran across an associate’s page and saw that they were ranting about what people should and shouldn’t be doing for them. They went on to say that they do so much for others and can’t accept that people don’t do the same for them in return as they expect. TheContinue reading “The World Owes You What?”

It’s the Weekend Baby…

Hey everyone, Today’s posting is going to short and sweet. It’s Friday and I am definitely looking forward to getting out of the office for a few days. This has been one of the longest weeks I’ve experienced in a while. It was productive, but long all the same.This is the first weekend where IContinue reading “It’s the Weekend Baby…”

Following Your Passion: Misleading or Mistaken?

Today I read two interesting articles on following passions (see links below). Both were related to the fact that the promotion of the idea of following your passion is misleading. I think the idea of following you passion is only misleading when a person is unrealistic about what to do with that passion. I don’tContinue reading “Following Your Passion: Misleading or Mistaken?”

Follow Your Dreams, AGAIN!

It’s a brand new week everyone! Yes, it’s also your brand new week to continue on your journey! It’s time to begin again at chipping away at your passion. Come up with a new idea. Define a new tactic for living your passion out loud! You are the author of your happiness and today createsContinue reading “Follow Your Dreams, AGAIN!”


Today is such a great day for me! It’s my anniversary! On this day, exactly twelve months ago I officially became Author Christin Webb. It feels so good to achieve a goal that I spent over twenty years wanting. After all my excuses, fears, doubts, trials and tribulations, I finally stopped negating the possibility. OnContinue reading “I DID IT!!!”

No Pressure For Passion…

Turn off the pressure cooker and relax… There should never be pressure put on your passion. #nopressureforpassion (yes I used a hash tag) 😉 Today I was checking out a writer I know, also the blogger of Because I Said So, whom I really am inspired by. I’m primarily inspired by her because she’s beenContinue reading “No Pressure For Passion…”

Walk a Mile In Your Own Shoes

With so many media and social avenues shoving images of whom to be, what to be, what dreams to go after, it can be daunting to follow your OWN dreams. Even our own families and friends can influence us to do things that aren’t quite “us”. It’s easy to become trapped in the ideologies ofContinue reading “Walk a Mile In Your Own Shoes”

Passion Inspiration…

Passions are birth from some moment of exposure. Whether the exposure be a person or a thing, an event or events; passions are the result of observing or experiencing something or someone and being influenced to take action in your own life. You become inspired and motivated to take on your passion after seeing howContinue reading “Passion Inspiration…”

Sub-passion Flow…

Hey readers! Hope everyone is having a great day and looking forward to getting over this day with much success! I just love the fact that a passion doesn’t have to be singular in nature. In fact, I know plenty of people who have multiple passions. Some of those passions may be secondary in thatContinue reading “Sub-passion Flow…”