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Southern SoulToday’s message is based on the following quote:  “What you plant today creates the harvest for your tomorrow.”

If you’re a person that follows their passion, then you know the task of gaining new opportunities to exhibit that passion can be daunting at times. It’s a continuous and ongoing effort to show the world what it is you LOVE to do. With that point in mind, it’s even more important to never stop striving to keep at your craft and show all those that will observe your passion. Point in case: Since 2010, I’ve experienced having my literary work either accepted into other literary publications or publishing my work either through my own previous publishing company, blogs, or screenwriting. During the last four years, I’ve also had plenty of downtime where nothing was being viewed by the masses. That downtime was either by force or choice, but in either instance it has existed. And in between the downtime I’ve enjoyed several rewarding moments as mentioned above.

The last few months, I haven’t done much related to my literary work outside of editing my next book (busy nurturing my daughter’s talents). But a few months ago, lo and behold, I was asked to have my work published in an up and coming print magazine. How did the opportunity present itself? The publisher ran across some of my previous work.  I’ve never been solicited for my work, yet I always had to go after opportunities. Today, I saw the fruit of that new business relationship and my short story, “The Sweet Rock”, was published in the awesome magazine, Southern Soul. I celebrate today and am proud to continue building my literary resume.

The point is, the work I’d done in the past became my reward and fruit for today! If I hadn’t planted all the other seeds previously, there would be no celebration today. Don’t let the downtime in your life signify that nothing is happening. Something is always brewing as long as you’re positive and remaining true and diligent at what your passion is. Remain steadfast in your efforts. If you have aspirations to have your passion observed on a larger scale, continue gnawing at creating new networks and opportunities for yourself. Tomorrow can very well be another new day to celebrate!

Reflecting for the Next Reflection

IMDb - Christin Webb
Not bragging. Not promoting. Just reflecting on the fact that we must appreciate our accomplishments as we move on to the next ones. It’s so easy to accomplish one thing, shout and stump one time, and then find ourselves ready to move on to the next thing as if that accomplishment is no longer any good. Maybe you’re not guilty of this, but I raise my hand to take claim to the times I’ve done this.

When I ran across my IMDb credits, it made me reflect on my beginning journey as a screenwriter and producer. No I’m not on Quentin Tarantino’s level by any means, but everyone starts somewhere, and Last Call (short film – 2013) and Enough Time (video short – 2012) are my starts. I’ve published my first novel, Enough Time (2012). I’m working on my next literary work. A few online magazines and blogs have published articles of mine (2010, 2011, 2013). I’ve even had a small credit in a local commercial (2012). Small starts, but accomplishments all the same.

What have you done in your past, whether recent or not, that are clearly the foundation for your future accomplishments? Take a minute and make a list. Reflect on each. Write down the lessons learned. The joys gained. Reflect on them again. Your acknowledgement of your past accomplishments in turn determines how you are reflected in the future. It’s easier to make way for the next hoorah, if you don’t forget your last one!

Maya AngelouHow do you capture the whole essence of a being that impacted and inspired so many knowingly and unknowingly simply through words and their ability to carry themselves accordingly? Simple. You don’t.

Today I make no attempts to fully pay homage to the legacy of the woman the word knew as Maya Angelou. It’s impossible. Yet, I dare not miss the opportunity to make recognition. The impact on literature, the arts, and the human spirit made by, Maya Angelou, born Marguerite Johnson, is indescribably invaluable. In short and unfilled words, she was a phenomenal writer and author, activist, and woman.

In one of the many articles I read today on her ascension on May 28, 2014, I read that life was cumulative. Maya Angelou’s life is the perfect example of that. From tragic events as a young woman to exotic dancing to calypso performer to activist then poet, Ms. Angelou proved that life is redemptive. So many times we feel where we start is where we’ll end, but to learn of her death today reiterated that thought is just not so.

Her literary works such as “Phenomenal Woman” and “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” empowered so many. I can recall having to learn and/or recite these poems in primary and secondary school. All the while, feeling strength from the collection of words she was able to creatively display as a literary piece.

As a new author, I never realized how those words impacted my passion. But they did. What many don’t know is that writers let the world into their minds; their hearts; their souls. Our words become apart of someone else and people take claim to those emotions that are embedded in them. Ms. Angelou’s work clearly became apart of the world. Remembering her today left me no choice but to go back to those moments that I stood on stage or sat in a classroom to project her poems. Re-visiting those poems today left me inspired and encouraged that this world is mine for the taking with all the positive energy I can give.

To all my readers, please take a moment of silence following this read to recognize the long-lasting effects Maya Angelou’s life will have on literature and people as a whole. I can only pray I am able to leave even a miniscule impact to that Ms. Angelou has. RIP Maya Angelou. Thank you for everything!

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