Boss There’s a new trending topic as of late about being a ‘BOSS’. Most are referencing being in charge, to take charge, running things, etc. Bosses are usually considered to be the head of a team, department, or company. I’ve even heard a husband call his BOSS his wife, but I laugh and digress about that definition. Bosses come up with strategies, put plans into motion, and oversee the implementation of the plans. Today I wanted to look at the term BOSS in a more immediate and personal way. To me, being a boss can be much more than a position, its a state of mind.

What do I mean? Being a boss doesn’t have to be a paid position. It doesn’t have to come with a neat name tag or desk name plate. In fact, you can be and should be YOUR OWN BOSS. Say what again? You should head up your own life. Treat your life as if it’s the biggest deal you’ll ever close on. What things should you put into to place to be successful; to be happy? Your goals, your passion(s), your desires are all about putting ideas to work and following through with them. You have to supervise your life. You are responsible for the outcome of what you want out of life. No one else. You know if you’ve passed or failed a task. Did you give it your all? Evaluate yourself. Re-evaluate yourself. Make adjustment where it’s needed. No one else can head up your life. It doesn’t mean you can’t learn from others, but the way you choose Let’s turn the concept of being a boss into being THE BOSS of your destiny.