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Reflecting for the Next Reflection

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Not bragging. Not promoting. Just reflecting on the fact that we must appreciate our accomplishments as we move on to the next ones. It’s so easy to accomplish one thing, shout and stump one time, and then find ourselves ready to move on to the next thing as if that accomplishment is no longer any good. Maybe you’re not guilty of this, but I raise my hand to take claim to the times I’ve done this.

When I ran across my IMDb credits, it made me reflect on my beginning journey as a screenwriter and producer. No I’m not on Quentin Tarantino’s level by any means, but everyone starts somewhere, and Last Call (short film – 2013) and Enough Time (video short – 2012) are my starts. I’ve published my first novel, Enough Time (2012). I’m working on my next literary work. A few online magazines and blogs have published articles of mine (2010, 2011, 2013). I’ve even had a small credit in a local commercial (2012). Small starts, but accomplishments all the same.

What have you done in your past, whether recent or not, that are clearly the foundation for your future accomplishments? Take a minute and make a list. Reflect on each. Write down the lessons learned. The joys gained. Reflect on them again. Your acknowledgement of your past accomplishments in turn determines how you are reflected in the future. It’s easier to make way for the next hoorah, if you don’t forget your last one!

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