Meeting for the Future…

Every meeting or plan doesn’t show its fruit immediately. It may not show until you’re sitting in another meeting or working on another plan. Sometimes we can get frustrated or not understand the purpose of our involvement of today when all the time we’re simply being prepared for what we’ll be involved in for ourContinue reading “Meeting for the Future…”

Awakened with Purpose

  I awaken with purpose With my vision inclined to see the very possibilities of my future I am the way of my happiness; the truth of my peace I breathe the energy into my ability to be passionate and embrace the heart beat of positivity I awaken with purpose I reject negated thoughts ofContinue reading “Awakened with Purpose”

What Is It Again?

Every time I post something on this blog, my purpose is to inspire each reader to passionately seek out a happy and fulfilling life. There’s a purpose to your existence. There’s a rhyme to your reason of creation. We walk this earth not to just take breath with no guidance or reasoning. Those breaths areContinue reading “What Is It Again?”

Don’t Be Selfish…

Daily on my Facebook fan page, Author Christin Webb, I post inspirational status’ about life and living your passion. I usually title the post, “Today’s Thought For Life” or “Passion Living”. In today’s post, I was compelled to mention the importance of sharing your gifts and talents. “Today’s Thought For Life: Your life, your talents,Continue reading “Don’t Be Selfish…”

Passion Inspiration…

Passions are birth from some moment of exposure. Whether the exposure be a person or a thing, an event or events; passions are the result of observing or experiencing something or someone and being influenced to take action in your own life. You become inspired and motivated to take on your passion after seeing howContinue reading “Passion Inspiration…”

Passionately Living For Others

Hello to all my readers! I am really enjoying my experience in working on this blog. It’s my second blog, but much different from my other one, “Is It Real?”. I hope everyone that has read some of the posts on here so far are finding them very meaningful and insightful. I created it solelyContinue reading “Passionately Living For Others”