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Me at Sisterhood ShowcaseHey Passionistas!!!!

This past week was pretty busy as I was preparing for an event that directly tied in with my passion. I was honored to be a featured author in the Author’s Pavilion hosted by the Pyramid Art, Books, and Custom Framing at the 2013 Sisterhood Showcase in Memphis, TN. During the showcase I was able to tell my story and share details about my fiction novel, “Enough Time”. The experience was a bit intimidating at first, as it would be the largest venue I’d been apart of as an author to date, but like most things I have to address, I took on the task head first and at the end of the day, I was SUCCESSFUL!

It’s moments like those at the showcase that confirm I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I love speaking. I love sharing my personal story. I love writing. I love networking. I love meeting new people. I love inspiring myself and others. And somehow I’m able to tie all of that together as Author Christin Webb! What better way to know that you’re headed down the right road than to see successes from your efforts.

The Preparation:

I spent about four weeks before the showcase, preparing for the event. I filled out the appropriate documentation, I gathered thoughts in my head on what I wanted to share and how I wanted to approach my story. I had to create and prepare my marketing aids. I had to select what excerpts I’d read that would keep the crowd interested. My preparation even included the finest detail as to what I’d wear (all the women readers understand this concern). It all came together.

The Presentation:

I had an opportunity to speak twice and solicit sales for my book. The first speaking opportunity was somewhat of a rough draft considering how I performed my second go around. Even after weeks of practicing I did have some nerves I had to shake off. Heck, it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve spoken in front of people, I always get nervous. But after my first run through I knew exactly what to do the second time and I nailed it. The moments were exhilarating and left me feeling almost perfect!

The Aftermath:

Now that I’ve gotten past one of my largest venues for displaying myself as Author Christin Webb, I feel even more motivated to take on more venues, do more speaking, share my story to almost anyone that will listen. 😉 My passion is mine and it feels good. It’s the first time in my life I feel 100% sure about what I’m doing. That’s how I know I’m doing it right. That’s how I know I will be doing this for a while. That’s how I know. As I write this post, I’m still smiling, still basking in my moments from days ago knowing that the days to come can feel just the same!

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