“Seek out and/or continue nurturing your mental capacity to succeed in a way that completely removes negative thoughts which in turn can conclude negated outcomes. Empower yourself to move forward with positivity, ready to seize all the limitless opportunities life comes with. Speak all the limits out of your life. No more lies. Just higher altitude.”

Thinking Against Self…

There is absolutely no way you will have long-term, substantial, positive outcomes when you think negatively. Today’s post is all about that one statement. Before I was able to begin my journey as Author Christin Webb, I unknowingly thought against myself. What’s thinking against yourself? I call it creating poor or undesired outcomes for selfContinue reading “Thinking Against Self…”

Positivity Reigns

“As a man thinketh, so is he…” Proverbs 23:7 Have you ever paid attention to how your positive thoughts can even make a sticky situation much easier to handle? Easier said that done, I know, but it’s no less than the truth. This week I’ve been reading Joyce Meyer’s “Battlefield of the Mind”. It’s aContinue reading “Positivity Reigns”