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Embracing My Truth


I’ve been so reflective lately. My mind has been going in and out of my past and future. Planning. Learning. Today I came across this picture. Almost 10 years ago. It stopped me in my tracks – almost took my breath away. It represents so much more than what can be seen. The quote pretty much sums up what I learned from this period of my life.

Many times we say we wish we could go back in time and ‘fix’ or ‘redo’ some of our actions but I’m completely sold that if we make it out of those moments and can look back while we’re sane then it was all worth it. I now know who I am, who I strive to become, learning to be less and less apologetic for it every day. Focusing on what my next path of fortitude will be.
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Changing Seasons of Passion

changing seasonsGood Day Passionistas!

I definitely hope each and every one of your weekend’s time was productive and enjoyable. If you’re like me and have a regular nine to five (non-passion related), today we’re back to the grind of lining someone’s pocket and creating opportunities for us to play middle men to our bill collectors. I kid. I kid. I actually like my nine to five, but it does nothing for me in comparison to what following my passion feels like.

This morning as I prepared for work, like normal, I turned on the news to catch a few stories that weren’t reported on last night and to catch the weather for this week. Here in Memphis we are currently in transition from Summer to Fall. True enough, technically it is Fall time, but the weather doesn’t necessarily coincide with that. So far in the month of October, we’ve had a few cooler days with highs in the mid-sixties, but we’ve still seen the temperature likes of seventy-five and above. Some days I’m not sure if I should wear boots or sandals, sweaters or sleeveless shirts.This week alone, Memphians will experience weather highs of eighty plus and by the week’s end, we’ll possibly be wearing boots and light jackets. Talk about confusing the body.

After seeing this weather transition, it made me focus on the fact that during the change of seasons, there are those moments of transition. You don’t just go from hot to completely cold in a matter of one day. Following your passion is no different. Life is all about seasons. During those transitions, the best thing to do is work on being prepared for the next season. You’ll have days and months where it seems your passion is being lived out to its most capitalized moments. There will be other days and months where you won’t see any fruits from your work; you may even have a low desire of following your passion. Consider the latter to be your moments of transitioning from season to season. While you’re in those days where you are bursting at the seams in passion, use them as your preparation for the next season. Don’t allow the transitions to confuse your state of purpose. Know that the transition is all apart of the purpose.

Even with this back and forth weather, I know I’ve got to get my heavier clothing out of the closets and storage bins they were so tightly packed in during the warmer months. I may not need all of them today, but before long, I’ll surely need to have them on my body to protect myself from the cooler weather. I may even have to wear a light jacket in the mornings (well so far I actually have had to) and by the end of the day remove it. Treat your passion no differently, during those in between periods, prepare, think, strategize, plan for your next passionate season. It’s coming for sure. It’s just a matter of getting through the transition.

Until the next posting, be inspired to continue living passionately. Remember your happiness depends on it! 😉

Oh yeah… don’t forget your sweater! 😉

Following Your Passion: Misleading or Mistaken?

PrintToday I read two interesting articles on following passions (see links below). Both were related to the fact that the promotion of the idea of following your passion is misleading. I think the idea of following you passion is only misleading when a person is unrealistic about what to do with that passion. I don’t think it’s responsible to wake up one morning, define your passion, and then turn in your two-week notice to your employer. IF your desire to follow your passion includes doing it full-time, then you must have a PLAN that will solidify doing it 100% of the time. There has to be a buy-in, an attraction for people to invest in that passion and create a substantial lifestyle for the person with the passion.

For me, that time has not presented itself, so I still wake up every morning, put on my office attire and head to my nine to five. However, that doesn’t limit me from following my dreams. On my breaks or once I take off that nine to five hat, I put on my writer’s hat and follow my passion.

I agree with the articles that without speaking on the realities of following your passions, one may mistakenly make a not-so-well thought out decision on following their passion, but in general, without following your passion, your happiness is that much further into the distance. Following your passion isn’t a misleading idea, but hasty choices can be the mistake.

Why ‘Follow Your Passion’ is Bad Career Advice

“Follow Your Passion is Crappy Advice”

I will never stop promoting the idea that following your passion is a healthy and meaningful way to living life, but I will agree that researching, planning, and executing is important in any purpose of following it.

Continue with your day, Passionistas and LIVE PASSIONATELY OUT LOUD!

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