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PLOL Podcast #1: 4 Tips to Live a Passionate Life


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Podcast #1 – 4 Tips to Live a Passionate Life

Embracing My Truth


I’ve been so reflective lately. My mind has been going in and out of my past and future. Planning. Learning. Today I came across this picture. Almost 10 years ago. It stopped me in my tracks – almost took my breath away. It represents so much more than what can be seen. The quote pretty much sums up what I learned from this period of my life.

Many times we say we wish we could go back in time and ‘fix’ or ‘redo’ some of our actions but I’m completely sold that if we make it out of those moments and can look back while we’re sane then it was all worth it. I now know who I am, who I strive to become, learning to be less and less apologetic for it every day. Focusing on what my next path of fortitude will be.
I’m living unapologetically, passionately out loud! #passionlivingoutloud #passionlivingbycw #pathoffortitude #reflectiontomoveforward

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