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The Biggest News Ever

unnamedI wanted to share some really good news with you all today.
I woke up this morning and just knew that today was the day that I could report to the world about a life changing event. I expected the news would come in the form of an email. I let the sheets of my bed go and sat up to say my morning prayer. After wiping the crust from my eyes, I reached to my nightstand to get my phone and check my email. I scrolled and scrolled through the promotional emails that I received over night. But that was it. I didn’t get any special news. I scrolled and scrolled to double-check I hadn’t overlooked that “special” news. As a matter of fact, besides the sales that were happening at some of my favorite stores I received no news at all.
Just as I was about to take a small huff and puff, God whispered the sweetest and truest message to me. As His words came to me all I could do was smile. The message was simple. The best news I’d receive all day was the fact that I had another opportunity to live an abundant life. A life that was designed and perfectly tailored by Him.
Today, I was given another chance to live according to His word and reap the blessings that He sees fit. I’m breathing. I own bed sheets to let go of. I have a job to report to this morning. Heck, I’m writing this message. Even better, I’m getting the opportunity to share this BIG news with you!
The bigger, more special news that we will ever receive is that every day, every minute we are gifted with His mercy and grace.
Regardless of what we did yesterday or even years ago, today allows us to begin anew. We are able to start over and its all because God says it to be so. Let today be a continued realization of that or the beginning for you. You won’t wake up seeking the ‘biggest’ news of your life because you’ll know that you’ve already received it!
Until the next post, be blessed and continue living a passionate life… Out Loud!


Sidelined“Hey you! You’re out and somebody else is in! Come hit the bench!”

Have you ever played or do you basketball, softball, volleyball, or football? Maybe you played or play soccer, ran track, or was in the band. If you’ve ever been apart of a team sport, then you clearly know what it’s like to have to sit out sometimes. Sitting out doesn’t mean you’re not good enough to be on the team. It may mean you need to regroup; rest for a minute before you go back into the game. Even the best players in a game; the starters, the MVP’s have to take a break from the game. That’s why there’s usually a second string. Everyone can’t go 100% the entire game.

That sometimes applies to the game of life. Let’s say you’re passionately living life and at any given moment it can seem like you’ve been sidelined. Maybe there are some challenges that present themselves that seem to limit you from living passionately to the same capacity you usually do. Don’t be dismayed. Don’t become disgruntled and left to feel inadequate, unappreciated, or out right down on yourself. Just know that you’ll only be pulled out the game for a little while. And remember you’re on the team, so you must be good enough to play. Sometimes when you’re pulled from the game, it could be the best thing for you. Today I just wanted to encourage you to appreciate the moments that you feel sidelined. Embrace the opportunity to rest up so you can come back in and be your best. Know that you’re just prepping for the best that’s on the way. You’ll be revitalized. You’ll be more focused. You’ll be ready to continue taking on the world and living passionately out loud!

Passion Maintenance

RPMIt’s been a few days since my last post. I’ve been busy gnawing away at my passion and today I told myself I needed to put some my attention back on my blog.This past weekend I participated as a speaker at a women’s conference in a town about an hour away from Memphis. It was a great experience. I was able to share my story, gain some insight from some of the other speakers, and fellowship with some unique women from all walks of life. It was a very empowering moment for me. I hope that I was able to inspire the women to seek out their growth spurts in life and live life passionately.

Now I’m putting on the brakes…

This year has been an overwhelmingly awesome year. I’ve accomplished so much. I’ve been busier than I’ve ever thought possible. And believe me, I love busy, but even busy people need to SLOW DOWN sometimes. From writing and producing my first short film, promoting my novel, staying active in my daughter’s life and trying to keep her balanced, responding to family, etc.; life for me in 2013 has been a whirlwind of busy.

I promised myself after my event on October 5th, I would SLOW it DOWN a bit. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past years, living passionately can keep you going one hundred miles an hour all the time. Even a car needs some maintenance and my physical and mental needs are no different. If I don’t take the time to slow down, put the brakes on, go in for a tune up, I won’t be ready for the next season; the next race. Life is all about cycles and even the most passionate living person experiences seasons. So… starting this past Sunday, I am going to bring the RPM down a few notches. Races are not about who can get to the finish line the fastest, but who can endure the most while getting there. I want to be able to live my passion out loud for the long haul. And I can only do that by taking time outs and pulling into the garage from time to time. I want to spend just a little time not doing anything. I don’t want many obligations outside of my daughter and family until around the first of the year. The holidays are beginning and this is the perfect time to get my maintenance in check for the next season.

What are you doing to maintain a balance? What steps are you taking to ensure you’re ready for your next season?

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