Stretching Your Limbs

“When you follow your passion and do so intently, there’s a chance that you’ll find yourself expanding that passion and stretching yourself to higher altitudes!”

Faith Walking

“Close your eyes. Tighten them as much as you can. Ensure you can see nothing before, around or behind you. Keep them closed. Without taking a breath or even giving anything a second thought, now take a step. Now take another step. Another step. And another. That is what faith looks like – it’s moving forward even when you don’t know how your footing will be placed, but knowing that your footing is grounded in your belief of success.”

Can’t Solve an Emotional Problem with Logic

“Save you, your brain and your heart some energy and remember that often times, people’s actions are merely a mirror of their emotion, not of their logic.”

The Cost for the Passion

You may have read the title of today’s post and assumed one of two things. 1) This post is about what it takes to actually be successful in carrying out your passion; what it costs you and your efforts or 2) this post is about what you should charge others to experience your passion. WellContinue reading “The Cost for the Passion”

Passion Mentor

I LOVE THIS SONG! HECK, I LOVE WHITNEY! 😉 I can always find a relation between one of her songs and a topic I’m writing on. Yesterday, I was posed with the opportunity to become someone’s mentor. At the age of 32, I’ve been asked a few times, yet each time I wonder what haveContinue reading “Passion Mentor”

Do Something Different…

“You want different results? Do something different!” I’ve heard this saying over and over again. At the end of the day, it carries so much weight. There are times we may feel we are going around in circles; running the hamster’s wheel faster than the hamster sometimes… 😉 I laugh at that but it’s true.Continue reading “Do Something Different…”