I’ve Got Life to Celebrate (and so do you)

“When I reflect back on my life, there were times in my past where I could have been dead, in jail, or just in a rut that didn’t offer a shovel to dig out of. I’ve faced chronic sickness and been healed. I’ve taken a last breath before, had breath breathed back into my body and been given another chance to live. I’ve made choices that could have altered every bit of my life and re-directed me to the pits of hell. The damage from all of it sometimes resonating beyond the moment that it impacted. The beauty in it all is that there have always been many more blessings than sickness or death or poor decisions. There was always a new day for me to begin again; to make a promise to myself and my future. With each lesson, I learned to live again and move forward more grateful and aware of what having life really means.”

Self Defined… My Life…

My life isn’t to be confused with the norms of what most expect. My life is more meaningful to me than anyone could add, subtract, multiple, divide or attempt to determine the value. It is incomparable and specifically designed by the destiny set before me. My life doesn’t change with the winds of others attitudes,Continue reading “Self Defined… My Life…”