Passion Mentor

I LOVE THIS SONG! HECK, I LOVE WHITNEY! 😉 I can always find a relation between one of her songs and a topic I’m writing on. Yesterday, I was posed with the opportunity to become someone’s mentor. At the age of 32, I’ve been asked a few times, yet each time I wonder what haveContinue reading “Passion Mentor”

Passion Living: In Living Color: Louis “Ziggy” Tucker

“Now pose. Now pose. Give me face! That’s good. Don’t move!” What’s all this gibberish I’m talking about today? Well, it’s all related to this week’s ‘Passion Living Out Loud’ interviewee, Louis “Ziggy” Tucker. I am proud to know one of THE BEST photographers in the game. Not only is he good at what heContinue reading “Passion Living: In Living Color: Louis “Ziggy” Tucker”