Can’t Solve an Emotional Problem with Logic

“Save you, your brain and your heart some energy and remember that often times, people’s actions are merely a mirror of their emotion, not of their logic.”

The Final Quarter Countdown

“Go long! Did you hear me? Go long!” the coach shouted anxiously to the receiver from the sidelines during the final quarter of the championship game. You could see the sweat dripping from under his hat as he encouraged his team to take charge. He was adamant about his team making another first down toContinue reading “The Final Quarter Countdown”

How Will I Know?

How will I know if he really loves me I say a prayer with every heart beat I fall in love whenever we meet Ok. Ok. Ok. I know you’re wondering why I’m posting lyrics to the late Whitney Houston’s hit song, “How Will I Know?” No, I haven’t found a man (YET) 😉 AndContinue reading “How Will I Know?”

Passion Living: In Living Color: James Edward Woods, Jr.

This week’s Passion Living: In Living Color interview will be candid to say the least, but more importantly just as inspiring. When you believe in yourself; your passion nothing can nor will stop you. This week’s interviewee mimics this very idea. With a camera in one hand and passion in the other, James Edward Woods, Jr.Continue reading “Passion Living: In Living Color: James Edward Woods, Jr.”

It’s My Blogversary

I’m a little late on this post, but it still means the same to me. One of the things I always preach is appreciating and recognizing EVERY milestone you have in life. You don’t have to throw a party every time, but a simple recognition of what you’ve achieved is important. It helps you rememberContinue reading “It’s My Blogversary”

Passion Living: In Living Color: Ari Hotep

Who says a person can only possess one passion? Definitely not Ari Hotep. Individuals can find themselves in tune and in love with many things and want to live them all out loud. Ari Hotep is a man of many passions and today I’m sharing his passions with the world. Check it out below andContinue reading “Passion Living: In Living Color: Ari Hotep”

Passion Birth…

I had an associate call me the other day to discuss a potential project she wanted me to embark upon with her. Amazingly, it was for a documentary. Since writing and co-producing my first short film, I had been toying with the idea of doing my first documentary. I thought it would be challenging, yetContinue reading “Passion Birth…”

Passion Living: In Living Color: Emily Lorin

Passions come in ANY form. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s your passion, then it’s meant to follow and live out loud! Today’s ‘Passion Living Out Loud: In Living Color’ spotlight is on hair stylist, Emily Lorin. I’ve known Emily for a while, but never knew her passion; however once I learned ofContinue reading “Passion Living: In Living Color: Emily Lorin”