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puzzle piece in handWhen was the last time you put a puzzle together? For me, it wasn’t too long ago thanks to my five-year old that loves boggling our brains with puzzles.

As I worked on the last puzzle with my daughter, we started out with a pile of pieces that we knew would help create the picture in mind. We looked at pieces that stood out; that we clearly knew where they went and started piecing them together. At times we would try to put together pieces that didn’t actually belong together. We didn’t become discouraged however, because we knew the end result would be a mastered puzzle. We’d put those mismatched pieces down and move on to other pieces we believed would fit better. Sometimes we would pick the same pieces up again just to find that they still didn’t fit the part of the puzzle we were working on. Eventually as we progressed towards the end of the puzzle those once misfit pieces began to fit perfectly. To finish the puzzle, we had to continue to reach back and use pieces that didn’t work at first try. Eventually they did.

Following your passion requires a lot of persistence and dedication. You have to focus. You have to be willing to try things over and over again until it works; until you’ve mastered what you’ve set out to achieve as your passion.

The point is, what may seem like you can’t use now doesn’t mean you won’t use it later. Sometimes you have to remember what you were exposed to along the way; along your journey to becoming your passion. Today, view your passion as a puzzle. There are pieces to your puzzle that may not make sense initially, but eventually they do. Remember to go back and pick them up as needed. Don’t rule them out as they may one day be the perfect fit. Continue on your journey. Continue being passionate about life knowing that all the pieces come together in due time as they were designed to.

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When I started this blog, I didn’t want it to just be about me. Sure I believe I have much to share and hopefully to inspire others to follow their passions, but I wanted to use this blog as a way for others to infuse that spirit in others as well. I’ve started a series called: PASSION LIVING: IN LIVING COLOR, where I’ll post quick interviews from ordinary, every day people that are clearly living out their passions. They’ll get an opportunity to share what their passion is and the journey to defining it and beyond.

It’s easy for me to say do this and try that, but seeing others do it could be just as empowering for others. Heck, I want them to inspire me to continue. You’ll read the voices of people who have crossed my paths and hopefully some that I hope to encounter as I travel along my journey. It’s so important to do the things that make you happy and hopefully the PASSION LIVING: IN LIVING COLOR series will help you see that more and more! But more importantly, make you DO.

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