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The Biggest News Ever

unnamedI wanted to share some really good news with you all today.
I woke up this morning and just knew that today was the day that I could report to the world about a life changing event. I expected the news would come in the form of an email. I let the sheets of my bed go and sat up to say my morning prayer. After wiping the crust from my eyes, I reached to my nightstand to get my phone and check my email. I scrolled and scrolled through the promotional emails that I received over night. But that was it. I didn’t get any special news. I scrolled and scrolled to double-check I hadn’t overlooked that “special” news. As a matter of fact, besides the sales that were happening at some of my favorite stores I received no news at all.
Just as I was about to take a small huff and puff, God whispered the sweetest and truest message to me. As His words came to me all I could do was smile. The message was simple. The best news I’d receive all day was the fact that I had another opportunity to live an abundant life. A life that was designed and perfectly tailored by Him.
Today, I was given another chance to live according to His word and reap the blessings that He sees fit. I’m breathing. I own bed sheets to let go of. I have a job to report to this morning. Heck, I’m writing this message. Even better, I’m getting the opportunity to share this BIG news with you!
The bigger, more special news that we will ever receive is that every day, every minute we are gifted with His mercy and grace.
Regardless of what we did yesterday or even years ago, today allows us to begin anew. We are able to start over and its all because God says it to be so. Let today be a continued realization of that or the beginning for you. You won’t wake up seeking the ‘biggest’ news of your life because you’ll know that you’ve already received it!
Until the next post, be blessed and continue living a passionate life… Out Loud!

Remembering Whitney

whitney 5I can create a list of people about a mile long that have inspired me in some way or another during my life span thus far. My first inspirations were definitely my parents, but my inspirations have also included It could’ve been the cafeteria lady elementary school to a Manager of the company I currently work for and plenty of people in between. No one’s life is shaped by just the air they breathe. It is usually impacted by those we encounter daily and the environments we are exposed to. In most cases, inspiration for our goals, aspirations, passions are birthed through those encounters. Your inspiration could have occurred from watching a popular television show, movie, or film. The people in it could inspire your growth. For me, I wanted to share with you one of the most inspiring people I’ve never met in my life, but truly grew up wanting to emulate: THE Whitney Houston!

While many will give you one hundred and one reasons not to appreciate the work of Whitney, I’ll give you one major reason! She was one of the best at what she did! Her songs touched the heart and pulse of every day issues, feelings, and emotions. You could feel the passion from each word that left her lips when she sung. I couldn’t let this day go by without recognizing her. While my main passion is writing, most that know me, know that I am a lover of music. Whitney definitely impacted and inspired me through her music. Heck, I often sing her songs when asked to sing. Check me out singing her rendition of “I Believe In You and Me”.

Two years ago today she left this earth and her legacy will be long-lasting for sure! While I’m remembering Whitney, why don’t you take this time to remember those that have inspired you to be who you are today! You’ll smile while you do it, for sure!

Below is my favorite song by Whitney. I was about four when it came out!

Passion Inspiration…

arthur webbPassions are birth from some moment of exposure. Whether the exposure be a person or a thing, an event or events; passions are the result of observing or experiencing something or someone and being influenced to take action in your own life. You become inspired and motivated to take on your passion after seeing how they can positively affect your life and the lives of others. Those moments of exposure may not have an immediate effect, you may not even do anything with the exposure right away, but it can possibly serve as a foundation for later actions.

For me, my inspiration for writing originated with my father. He became my first point of reference for how I was and am inspired to write. That’s all I saw the man do practically; write. He would always be at a computer or with pen and pad in hand, taking notes, developing his thoughts, and turning them into pieces for many readers to enjoy. I found it interesting that a person could take what they felt or how they thought and breathe life into it. This past Father’s Day I found myself reflecting on the influence he had in my life. His writing abilities helped shape my passion. His encouragement to throw myself into my writing pushes me every day. He’s now deceased but his influence is still the inspiration for why I find so much fulfillment in being a writer. I didn’t initially see how my exposure to his writing would fuel mine, but sure enough it only took a few years for my passion to be birth. As the years continue there are other things that inspire me to continue to write, but the one thing I’ve learned is that the inspiration has to be there. There has to be some underlying force that pushes you into continuing to live out your passion otherwise, it’s easy to walk away from it.

I don’t ever want to walk away from my passion. I’m always reminding myself of why I write, what my purpose in writing is. My goal will continue to be to keep my inspiration for my passion in the forethought of my mind. I encourage you to do the same as you follow your passion; your dreams.


christina with bunThis week’s interview has to be the most special interview I’ve done thus far. You know how they say you come in this world alone? Well,  that’s not always true. I am blessed to say I was born a twin to this week’s interviewee, Christina Webb. We came in this world together! Well…technically, she slid in twenty-eight minutes before me, but I’ll always say we came here together. I love this girl so much and I have been afforded the opportunity to watch her grow into an intelligent, beautiful woman the past thirty-one years of my life! If following your passion was a gift, I’d say Christina definitely has a gift. Check out her interview on her passion and why I feel she’s living it OUT LOUD!

What is your passion?

My passion is track and field.

What are you currently doing to display your passion?

I am currently coaching one of the top track teams in the state of Tennessee, Northeast High School!

I’ve seen them run and they are definitely tough competition for any team. Did you always see yourself coaching? Did you always consider it to be a passion?

I have been coaching since 2001. I didn’t always know that I would be a coach and that I would enjoy it so much. I began participation in track at the age of 13. I fell in love with the sport at that time. I enjoyed being a part of a team environment and then my competitive edge began to kick in. But even with all of that I never foresaw myself being involved in the sport long-term.

It’s amazing how passions develop over time. They are birth out of inconspicuous moments. What are your most proud moments as Coach Webb?

Today I enjoy working with young kids and seeing them improve as athletes and as leaders. I am glad when I know that I have played a role when an athlete feels special because they just got a new personal record or that an athlete got a college scholarship to run and it helps to alleviate some of the college expenses.

Photo by Tammy  Williams Kelly
Photo by Tammy Williams Kelly

As a coach, how do you determine the best workout routine or the best way to develop your team?

I look at how the workouts have progressed over the week and review what the goals have been from week to week. I try to realize what their strengths are as individual athletes.

So, who inspired or what inspired you most to begin coaching track?

My parents and coaches inspired me the most to live out my passions. They each pushed me to be the best and to never give up. My personality has an obsessive component to it and so once I start something I can’t stop. I can’t stop right now with coaching and working with young people.

Do you hope that you inspire any of your athletes to develop a passion for coaching ?

I really just want them to develop a passion for something in their life. It doesn’t have to be coaching. I just really hope for them to have a passion for something positive, whether it be a doctor, teacher, or whatever they decide. I just want them to be passionate about something.

In ten years, what do you hope to be doing with your passion as Coach?

I hope that I am still coaching and that my team, wherever I am coaching, has won several state championship titles. I hope that many of my athletes have gone on to college whether for track or academics and maybe one or two will be competing on the professional level!

I am proud to say I know this passionate woman and can call her my twin sister, but better yet, it’s always good to know people who’s passions are positively influencing the future! Kudos Coach Webb and keep LIVING YOUR PASSION OUT LOUD!

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