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Future Harvests…

Southern SoulToday’s message is based on the following quote:  “What you plant today creates the harvest for your tomorrow.”

If you’re a person that follows their passion, then you know the task of gaining new opportunities to exhibit that passion can be daunting at times. It’s a continuous and ongoing effort to show the world what it is you LOVE to do. With that point in mind, it’s even more important to never stop striving to keep at your craft and show all those that will observe your passion. Point in case: Since 2010, I’ve experienced having my literary work either accepted into other literary publications or publishing my work either through my own previous publishing company, blogs, or screenwriting. During the last four years, I’ve also had plenty of downtime where nothing was being viewed by the masses. That downtime was either by force or choice, but in either instance it has existed. And in between the downtime I’ve enjoyed several rewarding moments as mentioned above.

The last few months, I haven’t done much related to my literary work outside of editing my next book (busy nurturing my daughter’s talents). But a few months ago, lo and behold, I was asked to have my work published in an up and coming print magazine. How did the opportunity present itself? The publisher ran across some of my previous work.  I’ve never been solicited for my work, yet I always had to go after opportunities. Today, I saw the fruit of that new business relationship and my short story, “The Sweet Rock”, was published in the awesome magazine, Southern Soul. I celebrate today and am proud to continue building my literary resume.

The point is, the work I’d done in the past became my reward and fruit for today! If I hadn’t planted all the other seeds previously, there would be no celebration today. Don’t let the downtime in your life signify that nothing is happening. Something is always brewing as long as you’re positive and remaining true and diligent at what your passion is. Remain steadfast in your efforts. If you have aspirations to have your passion observed on a larger scale, continue gnawing at creating new networks and opportunities for yourself. Tomorrow can very well be another new day to celebrate!

“Enough Time”

book (2)One of the best things about having a blog is being able to be your own marketing/sounding board for your own projects! I rarely do this, but today I want to encourage each of you to stop by any of the following online markets and purchase my first, inspirational, fiction novel, “Enough Time”.

If there were ever a piece of work I could have written that expounds on the idea that redemption exists for ANYONE that seeks it out, “Enough Time” is that piece. I would love to have your support in reading it, sharing details about it with your friends and family, and of course, receiving your personal reviews of the book. It’s an awesome episodic story that touches on real life, hard, situations, but leaves the reader knowing that, they too, can begin again!

Check out the official book trailer directed by Raf Valentino Films and co-produced by me and Raf Valentino.

Not sure if it’s the next good read for you? Click here to read an excerpt.

Also, check out the reviews so far. Several readers are impressed with “Enough Time”…

Until the next posting, I hope you support the book, receive the message, and enjoy it as well!

Keep living passionately, PASSIONISTAS!!!

Follow Your Dreams, AGAIN!

me at bwabcIt’s a brand new week everyone! Yes, it’s also your brand new week to continue on your journey! It’s time to begin again at chipping away at your passion. Come up with a new idea. Define a new tactic for living your passion out loud! You are the author of your happiness and today creates another avenue for that happiness!

Why am I full of inspiring words today? Well,  hopefully I’m always full of inspiration here on this blog, but I’m feeling even more motivated today as relates to following passions. I spent this past weekend living out my dream as an author. I was definitely in MY element. As I sat in the crowded room with other talented and unique authors, I felt like it was my first time promoting my book, “Enough Time”. This past year, I’ve done a few book clubs, book festivals/conferences, etc, but each time feels like the first. And I hope that I always have that feeling whenever I’m out doing ME, Author Christin Webb.

The feeling led me to my Facebook ‘Today’s Thought For Life” quote: “There is no reason today can’t be the day you begin following your dreams: AGAIN”. What an awesome feeling to follow your passion and each time feel as though its the first. That’s when you know you’re doing it right. You’re living exactly the way life was intended to feel. Every time I put on my author hat in a public forum, I get the same high again. Every day you have the opportunity to follow your dreams, live your passion(s) out loud! Let today be your awareness of that point and make it happen!

Until you read my posts again, LIVE PASSIONATELY OUT LOUD!

Oh yeah… here are a few pics from the event I participated in, the Black Writers and Book Club Festival!

shelia lipsey
BWABC Founder – Shelia Lipsey
Classmate and fellow author, Natalie Lewis and myself at the BWABC
Enjoyed meeting fellow author Tremayne Moore
me and sherri
Meeting local authors always get me to smiling. Author Sherri Scott and myself at the BWABC Festival


Lived Out Loud: Book of the Month


Hi Readers! It’s Monday and while I could gripe about how much I wish I weren’t at work today, I actually am still on a natural high from my weekend. This weekend I had a chance to live my passion out loud! My book, “Enough Time”, was selected as the August read for the Memphis book club, Nefertiti Literary Guild. I love when people support my passion.  The highlight of it all was that I was able to share in their discussion of the book! The group was more than colorful and they definitely read my book inside and out. I loved every moment of it and felt so in my zone…

Check out a few pics below from the awesome event!

And remember —->>> If you find happiness in it, it’s for you to follow…






Until the next post continue LIVING PASSIONATELY OUT LOUD!!!

Continuing the Passionate Journey, Follow With Me…

book (2)Almost a year ago, I started this journey to become a published author. I promised myself that before I met my maker, I’d accomplish my life long goal of being known as Author Christin Webb. Four months from today will be my one year anniversary as an author and the journey feels better than I ever could have imagined. I’m feeling very reflective this morning about my journey. Less than four or five years ago, I walked my path of life aimlessly trying to fill voids that I, at the time, unknowingly knew existed. Now, every day my life is filled with a happiness I NEVER thought could exist. I spend my days planning on how to best promote my work. I use my nights to work on the next story that spins around in my creative head. And somewhere in between those days and nights I find my happiness. There was a time that I did nothing but self-destructing activities, putting myself and my future in harms way. I am overwhelmed at times now because my activities are so self-fulfilling; self-satisfying. It’s a great feeling!

I could go on and on about  my happiness, but I’d rather you just continue following my journey with me. If you can ever do anything to actively show your support of me as Author Christin Webb, stop by or to purchase a copy of my first fiction novel, “Enough Time”. And maybe you can’t purchase a copy, feel free to share details about the book, where to get it, where I’ll be, etc. by visiting my personal website @!

Check out the official trailer for “Enough Time” at

Want to meet me in person, Sunday, June 2, 2013, I’ll be reading and signing books at the Sisterhood Showcase’s Author’s Corner hosted by Pyramid Art, Books, and Custom Framing from 1-2:30 and 5-6 p.m. I’d love to see you there!

My Passion on Display

Hi All! I want to sing and dance! Today is Friday, the end of the work week for me, and I am too excited! Why? Because the weekends are usually the best days for me to take advantage of working on my passion-writing. This weekend I’ll be doing just that, whether its writing a new story, preparing interviews for this blog, or doing production on my latest screen write.

So… what is this post about today? I’m going to put my passion on display. You can check out a few of my past and current projects below. Since 2010, I’ve been like a tornado; consuming and exuding all that my passion is within me.

Blog Cover PageFirst up… In 2010, I entered the ‘blog-sphere’ and started my short fiction blog,   “Is It Real?”. On the blog, each reader can find short fiction pieces that I’ve written. There used to be about fifty listed, but then I got the great idea to turn those short stories into one of my upcoming books! That being said, now you can find about ten or so short, fiction stories on the blog. The blog was initially my way of being continuous in my writing; attempting to become more proficient in my passion. I wanted to get better at my writing, by putting my thoughts on the screen with little editing to see what I came up with. I wanted to see my writing as raw as possible. The other purpose of the blog is to create a space where readers can be entertained by the short fiction, but also positively affected to the point of wanting to be more introspective and become better individuals. It’s titled “Is It Real?” because I feel life should always consist of substance. It’s easy for individuals to be caught up in false importance in life, but it’s more rewarding to live by what truly matters. By late, 2010, I was able to reach a larger audience and build a small fan base! You can visit my blog, “Is It Real?” at!

book (2)Secondly, in 2012, I finally self-published my greatest work to date (or so I consider it to be), “Enough Time”. It’s a fiction novel that follows the lives of Rhea Dudley, Julian Jones, and Sonja Tremmel. While their stories follow very different paths, they all are seeking redemption; looking for the newness in themselves and lives. Rhea Dudley, a young, married teacher is used to appeasing other, but not giving herself what she deserves. While trying to find her voice throughout the pain and hurt that is thrown her way, she learns she is more independent and stronger than she’d ever believed. Julian Jones, is a top finance executive, that was once rejected by his family based on his chosen lifestyle. He finds himself trying to fill his paternal void in all the wrong places and because of that, learns a lot of lessons the hard way until he is able to forgive and move forward. Lastly, Sonja Tremmel is a young mother that is struggling between addictions, lack of trust, and betrayal from friends, family, and the like. Once she decides she wants a better life for herself and her child, the doors for redemption push her into a world of redemption. “Enough Time” is available on in print and also in eBook versions by any online eBook retailer. For more details about the book, to include a book trailer, excerpts, interviews and more, visit my website @!

photo(1)And lastly, as if the first two weren’t enough (especially when considering I maintain this blog as well), I’ve been able to expand my passion into producing my first screen write titled, “Last Call”. Here’s a quick synopsis of the short film: “Last Call” follows Kyris, a single mom who is at the crossroads of life, as she embarks on a trip that will change her and her son’s life forever. Will the decisions she makes set the both of them on a path for a bright future…Or will they lead to a deeper darkness… This is my second time producing a film and definitely a new-found love that I will be sure to continue in the future. “Last Call”, filmed in Memphis, TN, is due to be finished in 2013 and will be submitted to multiple film festivals! The trailer for “Last Call” can be found at

Well, that’s about it! There are a few other things that I’ve got going on outside of my passion, but these should keep me pretty busy for now! Hope you enjoyed the quick promos and will follow, share, or comment about any or all of them!

Until the next post, LIVE YOUR PASSION OUT LOUD!

Positivity Reigns

positivity“As a man thinketh, so is he…” Proverbs 23:7

Have you ever paid attention to how your positive thoughts can even make a sticky situation much easier to handle? Easier said that done, I know, but it’s no less than the truth.

This week I’ve been reading Joyce Meyer’s “Battlefield of the Mind”. It’s a little over a decade old, but many of the teachings within the book reign to be THE TRUTH. It reveals concepts you’ve heard all your life probably, but it definitely made me become more insightful about my thought patterns and how they affected what I did, how I accepted different situations, and the potential for my future. You are what you think and your outcomes follow as such.

So many times in my life, I allowed they way I thought restrict me from moving forward. In one of my previous posts I talked about my defeatist attitude towards being able to self-publish my first novel, “Enough Time”. I literally spent five, almost six years, thinking or anticipating failing at being able to publish, when all the while I just needed to be more positive about the way I viewed the opportunity. Once I changed my thought process, the more I began to speak positivity into publishing my book, the more doors opened and the easier it became.

The point was as simple as, I wasn’t moving forward because I didn’t think forward. Following and living out your passion is no different. To find the trail to living out your passion a little more smooth than it has to be is to believe it can be smooth. Now… I say that not to exclude the potential for challenges to arise, but to know that your thought process will determine how quickly you’re able to jump over those challenges. A more recent example of negative thinking and seeing its outcome was when I had the opportunity to publicly sing for the first time in many years. I’d call singing a sub-passion. I love it, but it takes a back seat when it comes to my writing. There I was two months before my performance pumped about the opportunity, but almost sure I wouldn’t do as well as I wanted to. “You’ve been out of the game so long, you’re going to be a little shaky.” “The other women on the line up are beasts in comparison to you, Christin. They’ve been doing this so long and consistently.” “You shouldn’t even be on the stage with some of the women you’re performing with.” I spoke these negative thoughts to myself and low and behold I didn’t do as well as I could have. I didn’t bomb, but I spoke enough negative energy into the process that it manifested in my performance. When it was all over, I knew what I had done. I’d defeated myself before I even gave myself a chance.

Negativity never fostered good outcomes, but nurtured strongholds. Positivity has and always will reign. Choose it as you continue PASSION LIVING OUT LOUD!

The Cost For Doors Opening

I remember when I first decided I wanted to take my passion for writing to a new level. What was that level? I wanted my writings to be available to a more broad audience. You know, more than just my family and friends. I had a strong desire to share my thoughts and what I felt had become my insights on life and various situations to more than just those that knew me. On a more grand scale, I wanted to share with the world!

Humph… Sounds easier than doing I know. I was under the impression that I didn’t have enough money to share my voice with the world. I spent about two years complaining how hard it would be to publish my novel, “Enough Time”. I spent about three years prior writing it and I spent the next two convincing myself that I couldn’t publish it because I didn’t have enough money. Talk about self-defeat.


Within those two years though, I began opening doors for myself that I wasn’t even aware of. I figured if I couldn’t publish my novel (just yet) I’d at least share my short fiction on the web. Hallelujah for social media and blogs! In 2010, I started my first blog and posted my short fiction. I used it for two things, 1) to share my voice I so desperately wanted to do and 2) to better prepare my craft for the world to see. My blog, “Is It Real?” became my canvas for practicing my craft. And as the years went on, I would say, I got better and better. I gained a small following and more confidence in my work. I even began feeling I could get my work published. I didn’t necessarily have the finances all worked out, but my belief that it could be done increased.

Before I knew it I’d caught the eye of an investor. The investor wasn’t a wealthy person, but they were willing to take a chance on my work. After two years of maintaining my blog a door, not a window, but a door of opportunity appeared. A year later, I was able to publish my first fiction novel, “Enough Time” in print and eBook. Talk about walking in faith. Sometimes our goals may be a bit out of reach at different points in our life, but that doesn’t mean to give up on them. It may just mean taking alternative routes to arrive at their front door. My alternative route was my blog, “Is It Real?” It didn’t cost me a dime, just diligence and time. The entire process of publishing my novel was more than just putting words on paper, securing an editor, re-writing, choosing a publisher, etc. It was a journey to being more faithful about what God has in store. Start walking before you take off on that run. Don’t let your doubts hinder you from living out what is meant for you. Money nor worry nor doubt is more important than creating opportunities for doors to open!

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