Passion Living: In Living Color: Ari Hotep

Who says a person can only possess one passion? Definitely not Ari Hotep. Individuals can find themselves in tune and in love with many things and want to live them all out loud. Ari Hotep is a man of many passions and today I’m sharing his passions with the world. Check it out below andContinue reading “Passion Living: In Living Color: Ari Hotep”


When I think of movies, film, and following passions, the first name that comes to mind is Raf Valentino. I most like to refer to him as Director Valentino. Following your passion is all about investing in yourself. It’s all about becoming a master at your passion; enhancing it day by day, studying it. When I firstContinue reading “PASSION LIVING: IN LIVING COLOR: RAF VALENTINO”