Future Harvests…

Today’s message is based on the following quote:  “What you plant today creates the harvest for your tomorrow.” If you’re a person that follows their passion, then you know the task of gaining new opportunities to exhibit that passion can be daunting at times. It’s a continuous and ongoing effort to show the world whatContinue reading “Future Harvests…”


Today is such a great day for me! It’s my anniversary! On this day, exactly twelve months ago I officially became Author Christin Webb. It feels so good to achieve a goal that I spent over twenty years wanting. After all my excuses, fears, doubts, trials and tribulations, I finally stopped negating the possibility. OnContinue reading “I DID IT!!!”


Talk about knowing a person and not really knowing a person… That’s what I would say about my familiarity with Jernario Davis. He and I go back around 20 years from playing in the trumpet section of our junior high school band. We’d sit in the back of the band room joking and laughing, justContinue reading “PASSION LIVING: IN LIVING COLOR: JERNARIO DAVIS”