The ‘What Have I Done’ List

“Pat yourself on the back. Toot your own horn. Let it be known, to yourself, that you are ready to continue for the remainder of the year with the same momentum or more!”

Reflecting for the Next Reflection

Not bragging. Not promoting. Just reflecting on the fact that we must appreciate our accomplishments as we move on to the next ones. It’s so easy to accomplish one thing, shout and stump one time, and then find ourselves ready to move on to the next thing as if that accomplishment is no longer anyContinue reading “Reflecting for the Next Reflection”

Sometimes You Just Have to See It…

What do you plan to accomplish this year? What did you accomplish last year? The year before? These are all questions I recently posed to myself. I mean, I created some 2014 resolutions, but lately I’ve still been feeling stagnant. I was feeling like nothing was happening for me. And yes I realize it’s justContinue reading “Sometimes You Just Have to See It…”