The ‘What Have I Done’ List

“Pat yourself on the back. Toot your own horn. Let it be known, to yourself, that you are ready to continue for the remainder of the year with the same momentum or more!”

Dream Fueler

“It’s so easy to wish our lives belonged only to us, but they don’t. Let your dreams fuel inspiration and encourage others to fuel their own dreams. Help light fires of passion and happiness in the lives of those that see you as their dream-fueler.”

Meeting for the Future…

Every meeting or plan doesn’t show its fruit immediately. It may not show until you’re sitting in another meeting or working on another plan. Sometimes we can get frustrated or not understand the purpose of our involvement of today when all the time we’re simply being prepared for what we’ll be involved in for ourContinue reading “Meeting for the Future…”

Can’t Solve an Emotional Problem with Logic

“Save you, your brain and your heart some energy and remember that often times, people’s actions are merely a mirror of their emotion, not of their logic.”