Permenant Passions

You can’t wake up one day and say you have a passion and the next day say it’s not. It’s more than likely just a hobby and not a passion. Passions are things/activities that completely keep you connected to self. They can’t be replaced by anything else. Possibly expanded into new things, but never replaced.Continue reading “Permenant Passions”

Pitfalls vs. Progress

When was the last time you would say you failed at something? Was it yesterday, today, maybe it will be tomorrow. Let’s say it was when you didn’t get that last promotion you wanted. Or was it that cute man or woman you were rejected by when you asked for their number? Did your firstContinue reading “Pitfalls vs. Progress”

The Cost For Doors Opening

I remember when I first decided I wanted to take my passion for writing to a new level. What was that level? I wanted my writings to be available to a more broad audience. You know, more than just my family and friends. I had a strong desire to share my thoughts and what IContinue reading “The Cost For Doors Opening”


What is passion living for me? When I was seven years old, I first picked up a pen. It may have even been a pencil, but I never let it go. I used the pencil to release the thoughts that consumed my mind to a more visual form. Poems, short plays, whatever a child’s mindContinue reading “PASSION LIVING: IN LIVING COLOR:”