To purge means to become free of impurities; to rid self of unwanted/unnecessary distractions in our lives. The word ‘purge’ has recently become a very regular part of my vocabulary. I’m coming to the close of my process of moving from one residence to the next. The process itself has been very daunting and inContinue reading “Purging”


This week’s interview has to be the most special interview I’ve done thus far. You know how they say you come in this world alone? Well,  that’s not always true. I am blessed to say I was born a twin to this week’s interviewee, Christina Webb. We came in this world together! Well…technically, she slidContinue reading “PASSION LIVING: IN LIVING COLOR: CHRISTINA WEBB”

Passion Block

I remember the process for writing my first novel. There were some days that I could just write and write and write. The ideas would flow from one sentence to the next. Sometimes it would be hard for my typing speed to keep up with my thoughts. There would be an overflow of my passionContinue reading “Passion Block”

Faster Than You Can…

This morning was definitely an interesting one for me. As a first time mother with a five-year old, inquisitive, and relatively mature for her age, daughter, she definitely had me a bit stumped this morning. However, a great thought came to mind that I wanted to share. So… here’s how my morning went as weContinue reading “Faster Than You Can…”

Stirring the Pot…

“That looks and smells so good. Let me taste what you’re cooking in that pot you’re stirring. Better yet, let me use your spoon so I can stir my own pot.” Have you ever been at someone’s house or even your own and the food that was cooking just smelled so good? You couldn’t waitContinue reading “Stirring the Pot…”


There is something very special about this week’s ‘Passion Living: In Living Color’ interviewee, Malik “M.K.J.” Johnson. I chose to interview Malik for two main reasons: 1) he is a young man living his passion out loud, and 2) he is man who stands for his convictions and beliefs in Jesus. I often say thereContinue reading “PASSION LIVING: IN LIVING COLOR: MALIK “M.K.J.” JOHNSON”

Molding the Clay

I thought a unique way to consider following your passion(s) was to think of it in terms of molding clay. Think of your favorite decorative vase that sits in the center of your coffee table or that flower pot that holds the plants that you work effortlessly to keep alive. The time it took toContinue reading “Molding the Clay”

My Passion on Display

Hi All! I want to sing and dance! Today is Friday, the end of the work week for me, and I am too excited! Why? Because the weekends are usually the best days for me to take advantage of working on my passion-writing. This weekend I’ll be doing just that, whether its writing a newContinue reading “My Passion on Display”

To Believe Is To Be…

Hey readers! It’s an extremely rainy day here in my hometown of Memphis, TN. The forecasters said it would be an 80% chance of rain. And so, far they are right. It’s so rainy, that I pulled my bed covers over head this morning and ignored my persistent alarm. I’m sure most of you canContinue reading “To Believe Is To Be…”

Passions of Single Parenting

So, the topic that came to mind for me today was how the lifestyle of single parents can sometimes alter the perception of being able to follow passions. As a disclaimer, I know that it can be difficult to follow passions regardless of your parenting status, but as a single parent, I also believe thatContinue reading “Passions of Single Parenting”