cropped-headshot-in-black-and-white.jpgIn practically every thing I have done in life, I have concluded that one of the most consistent requirements was and is for me to do it with passion. Outside of finding my passion of writing at an early age, every accomplishment happened because I was passionate. I was intentional in putting 100% of myself and my effort into what I was working towards. There has never been any room for not being fully committed in order to get a full and whole outcome. Sub-par performance usually got me sub-par results. And who wants that consistently throughout their life? Be it, family, education, career, or social life, living passionately has made a world of difference for me. I am convinced, that in conjunction with my spirituality, living my life out loud and doing so passionately has helped me embody what happiness looks like for my life.

Every time I prepare a post, my intent is to encourage the same for each reader. Whether the post is a simple quote, poem, or full out thesis on a topic, each one ties back to the idea that living passionately each and every day should be a number one priority in your life. Our choice to do so not only affects us but each and every person that we love in our life. Do not just read this page and accept it as so, browse through all of the posts and find the endless nuggets that will positively impact your outlook on life. Let them hopefully become the catalyst to live life in a new and consistent way each and every day. Every time you prepare and take action for the day remember to ‘Find your passion and run with it.’

Passionate living is intentional living and begins with you!

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