Quick post alert:

It is that time of year again for me and my daughter. December is always our time to reflect and really begin digging into the goals for the next year. By now I have already revisited my ‘written’ (cause that’s key) annual and long term goals several times throughout the year. I used to throw my vision boards away but three years ago I decided to start keeping them. It has become a great way to hold myself accountable but also to help me stay on course and keep a good perspective on what I have achieved, am achieving, and will achieve. Some people call it corny, I call it being a ‘concerned visionary for my life’. Whether you choose to try it out for the first time or maybe you have done them in the past and have plans for doing one for 2017, do it with the intentional thought that everything you dream can be achieved. Sometimes its just a matter of seeing it before you see it!

Happy Vision Board season!