dreamsHave you ever grasped a hold of a dream; tasted the goodness of your fruitful labor in attaining that dream; reveled in the glory of finally having that goal or dream under your belt? When all the fanfare was over did all you want to do was sit down and take a break? If you have not, I can honestly say I have. Think about it. Some dreams take quite a bit of time and energy to achieve. They can require so much of your spirit and soul to make it happen that when it has finally been actualized, you may feel overwhelmed. The important thing to keep in mind though is that your last dream can not be your last dream. You have to continue dreaming and then continue preparing and activating that energy to obtain that next dream. You have to dream and dream again.

It is important to know that life is a cycle. There are ups and then there are downs and everything in between. That is what the cycle of chasing your dreams should be. Just because you achieve one dream does not mean any other dream that you have should be delayed in reaching. It is ok to take a break, but keep in mind that the break should be short; not lengthy. Do not let the break be so long that you miss the window of opportunity for that next dream. Yes, pace yourself, but know that your pace should be as steady as possible. You do not want to burn yourself out or overwork yourself, but you do want to keep your stamina up in order to move forward. The time you are on break should be treated as a time to rejuvenate yourself and prepare for the next thing on your agenda. Heck, you owe it to yourself to see what else you are capable of achieving.

So again, I implore to you, just when you’ve reached one of your dreams, keep dreaming. Don’t stop. Let the last dream be the foundation for the next dream and the future dreams thereafter that you’re destined to reach.