empowerWho better to influence the projection of your life than you? Sometimes we look for external factors to catapult us into our next sphere of success. We hope that our bosses, spouses, community leaders, etc. move us to the next climactic point of our existence. We seek encouragement from others as if their words are the only that will truly make it happen for us. The truth is, the outcomes of our life, outside of God, are a direct result of your actions. A direct result of your belief in yourself; your abilities; your gifts and talents. It is pertinent that we intentionally do everything within our own power, or empire to empower ourselves.

We are the authors of our happiness, our successes, our victories and so on. You authorize all of these things in your life. Looking to enhance your empower, influence those around you? It starts with you empowering yourself. It requires you to look internally and pull out all the great qualities you already possess, expand on those qualities, and integrate each and everyone into the sphere around you. Today and every day going forward me intentional, tapping into yourself to move yourself into the next victory as if everything was riding on it.

Believing and entrusting yourself with the success of your empire is the first step. Remember what you build today serves as the foundation for how solid your future will be. No one owes it to you more than yourself. Make it happen!