textgram_1478185549Imagine you are standing at the very edge of a cliff. The highest you could ever dream. Your foot may wobble for balance; knees may weaken a bit. Your heart begins to race; brow pulling sweat from within. You may even see a few crumbles of rock break away and fall beneath you. As you look down you begin to feel every emotion inside telling you to fear what may be below that cliff. From rejection to unresolve to failure, you believe that what is waiting for you underneath that cliff is anything but your next step to success. Instead of taking your next step, you contemplate if you should just stand still or actually turn around. As if those options are safer. You are practically convinced that moving forward is not your best option. The reality though is that sometimes taking that step; moving forward is your only option. It may be the only option you have to reach whatever that next goal is that you have set in your life. So why believe anything else?

Your somewhat distorted belief may be based on some past experiences of yours or at least the negated ones you choose to recall first. Once upon a time maybe in the far distance or even if your recent moments, you have taken a step that led you, in what you felt, was the opposite direction of victory. The truth however, is that for every opposite direction of victory you have encountered, you have for sure accomplished a victory. Remember that job you have been on for a while now? Victory. How about that degree you are almost finished with? Victory. Did you forget how your children excelled in various areas in their life? Victory. Are some of your closest personal relationship currently sound? Victory. Maybe you closed off in your mind the victory of you making it from day-to-day. The point is, in all of those victories you stepped off the cliff. You did not turn around. You did not stand still. You took a step. With each step it turned out that there never really was a cliff. You did not fall. You actually stood tall and walked into your next victory. Those are the moments that are important for us to recall.

textgram_1478185434We are not perfect, thus our emotions are not always in the best position to keep our victories in mind. If you are currently in a state of anticipating defeat, remember that you may simply be imagining a cliff. It could actually not exist. Also, remember the feeling you’ve had ever time you achieved a victory. Reject the idea that you are going to fall; knowing what it feels to stand tall and be able to move forward. In the words of a short fiction piece I wrote a few years ago, always work to ensure your Faith is Greater Than Fear.