Whatever your goals may be for today or the days to come, there is one trait that will matter most when it comes to achieving that goal – your character. You may have heard the saying, ‘your reputation precedes you’ or ‘your name precedes you’, and this is most often true, but what truly carries more weight and determines how you’re received your-name-your-characterfor years to come is your character. People may forget your name, but they will not forget the interactions they had with you. They won’t forget the integrity you did or did not display.

Regardless of what’s on your resume, your check stub, your social security card, or job name plate, your character, not your personality, says who you are. It clarifies what you stand for. It allows people to know if you can be trusted or if they want to invest in you or your passion.  It’s long-lasting. It is formulated over time, however, with true intent, can’t be changed. Your character may be the one trait that separates you from the next individual; your competitor; your ally.

So, the next time you leave out of room full of people; an interview; a team meeting; an investor’s office; or even out of your house, think about the character you presented. They may forget your name, but your character is often unforgettable.