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June 2016

The ‘What Have I Done’ List

FullSizeRender(1)No different from any other year, the month of June is here and soon it will be gone. And just like every June, in recent years, I do the inevitable and that’s reflect on my life and what’s taken place the last six months. As tedious at it may seem to some, I actually sit down and begin a list of ‘what have I done’. I have a friend that would consider me a bit anal when it comes to goal setting, but in good anal fashion, I completed my list today and I feel so fulfilled. Within a matter of twenty minutes, I’d written down SIXTEEN activities/events/accomplishments that I’ve done in 2016. A few I had to rack my brain, almost forgetting that they even took place. Within a matter of minutes, I was able to see the progress taking place within my life and gain a sense of renewed motivation to continue pressing forward for the remainder of the year.

I encourage every one to do this simple exercise.

First, list all the major and evident things that have occurred within the first six month of the year, preferably only the positive. Of course, that’s the point of the list; to see the positive things that you had your hand in thus far. Think of the things that you may have set out to do when you defined your New Year’s Resolution. What about that home improvement project? Or maybe you finally opened that business. List them all! Be sure to revisit the list and add-on the smaller accomplishments that you may have forgotten happened. It could be something like that you hadn’t planned on doing initially, but turned out to be a great moment of victory. I promise when you do this first step you’ll surprise yourself. It will happen every time. It’s so easy to take things for granted; sometimes focusing on the ‘what I should’ve or could’ve or haven’t done’ versus the things that were successfully done.

Secondly, reflect on each of them. Consider the journey you took to find the end to each of them. What were some of the challenges in accomplishing each? What lessons are you able to carry along with you going forward? As the theory goes, for every action there is a reaction. So, it is true for goal setting and meeting those goals. In every journey, there are lessons to be learned. Why not focus on those things that you were successful in completing and take heed of the lessons learned, skills obtained, or expertise that you developed? By the end of the list, you’ll realize how much stronger and resilient you are.

Thirdly, look at what’s ahead for the months of July through December? Maybe your actions will be activities that carry over from January through June. Is there a project you’ve got to finish? Is there a goal with a start date of August? Review what your plans are going forward and use what you’ve learned so far to fine tune your plans for the remainder of the year. Don’t let your momentum die down. Finish the year out strong.

Lastly, CELEBRATE! CELEBRATE! CELEBRATE! Hopefully, as you meet each goal, you find some way to reward yourself for the effort made. If not, the end of June is a great way to pay special recognition towards your accomplishments so far! Go out on the town for dinner. Take a night off from house work. Call some of your friends to come over and socialize. The most important thing, to me, in tracking along the road of success and growth, is embracing each one. Pat yourself on the back. Toot your own horn. Let it be known, to yourself, that you are ready to continue for the remainder of the year with the same momentum or more!



Dream Fueler

Dependency is sometimes viewed as a negated concept; especially when what is being dependent upon suppresses a person’s growth and ability to function alone.

Consider dependency as it relates to children. Children are dependent upon their parents ability to provide them the necessities in life; the basic teachings of morals, goals, faith, etc. Without being dependent upon parents, children may not learn some of the most key elements to being healthyIMG_3922 adults. Becoming that healthy adult means that they will become less dependent and more independent and in control of the path of their own life. Now take the concept of positive dependency and look at dreams.

You, as an individual, may be driven and focused on the dreams that push you daily. You find yourself accomplishing the very tasks that lead you to seeing your dreams become reality. There are individuals that look up to you and your ability to chase and capture those dreams. Those same individuals may depend on you to continue chasing and capturing your dreams because your chase and capture inspires and motivates them to do the same. There is probably someone that inspires or has inspired you to not give up on your dreams. For me, there are tons of people I watch regularly to learn from them and engage the steps of their successes into my own.

Knowing the fact that there are onlookers; people who are encouraged by your ability to dream and live your dreams, should create a sense of responsibility for you to continue dreaming; to continue living out your dreams. Back into the realm of children, I know my daughter watches my every move. She’s aware, whether or not consciously, of if I am chasing and capturing my dreams or if I just give up on any of them. I NEVER want her to say, “Mom gave up on her dreams of x, y, and z, so I can too.” I never want her to believe that any dream is too big or unobtainable. I never want to give her a reason to think that its OK to stop going after the things that will ultimately make her happy. I want her to always know that every dream corresponds with a realistic plan and can be obtained at the pace in which we are meant to obtain them. My dreams are a responsibility. My dreams clearly fuel her focus and desire to follow her own dreams. I’m required to be a dream-fueler for her. And so should your dream or dreams become for others, if they haven’t already. Whether your onlooker is your child or not, there is someone that is motivated by what motivates you. There is someone that may stand on the sideline taking notes on how you’ve succeeded at your dreams. They make be using your same steps, making modifications accordingly, and finding their own success in their dreams all because of your own.

It’s so easy to wish our lives belonged only to us, but they don’t. Let your dreams fuel inspiration and encourage others to fuel their own dreams. Help light fires of passion and happiness in the lives of those that see you as their dream-fueler.  It’s human nature; human purpose to show ourselves to the world. It’s one of our greatest assignments in life. Show others what they can do so they too can show the world as you have done. What are you showing? What dreams are you fueling? What fires are you igniting or re-fueling?

If you knew the fuel your dreams gave for someone else’s, you wouldn’t give up!

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