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May 2016


IMG_3796Today begins the climax to one incredible journey. After some years of watching my daughter on the stage, I will be making my debut on a theater stage with her beginning today through June 26, 2016. Twenty-four (24) shows; 5 days a week of non-stop energy and performance. At no point before January 2016 could you have convinced me that I’d be playing the role of Evilene in Hattiloo Theatre’s production of The Wiz. I would have told you to stop lying with no hesitation. Have I ever done any acting? Yes, but only when I was much younger; probably the current age of my daughter. I’ve absolutely loved every minute of the process. From long rehearsals, going through characterization exercises, learning vocals and lines, to practicing at home and in my car, I wouldn’t change a thing about this process. Why? Because I believe it is part of a shift. I didn’t ask for an acting role, but I did promise myself that I’d begin LIVING life. And if playing the Wicked Witch of the West in a classic musical isn’t living life, then I don’t know what may be.

The theme of this blog is always about living life out loud and to some degree I always have. I’ve published a book, written plays, poems, done some freelance work for magazines, written scripts for documentaries and short films, produced a short, I’ve performed vocally here and there, and I’ve led and been apart of some great organizations. However, I’ve also had moments of reservation or conservatism where I don’t push the envelope anymore than most, even myself, expect. I clearly stepped outside of my norm with The Wiz.

What do I believe is really the undertone of my life currently? It’s a shift. A shift from the norm to the unique; the unexpected to the challenging; the past to the present; the forced opportunity to live beyond even my wildest dreams. I believe it’s a shift that is making me step outside of my comfort zone. It’s a comfort zone that is so easily resided in because it can be relaxed, of little stress, and familiar. It can also be a place where growth in life can come to a halt. I’d be negligent if I didn’t take on most, any, opportunity that allowed me to shift into a new horizon for my life. I don’t know where this will lead. It may not lead to another role, yet it may lead to another growth spurt that I wouldn’t have been able to obtain in any other fashion. I embrace this shift and encourage each of you to do the same when similar situations arise. It’s the time when your fortitude is tested and you have the chance to do greater things in your life.

I define this moment as a moment of Living Life Passionately and Out Loud!




You’ll Stand Again…

Passion Living Out Loud

futureYou’ve tripped.

You’ve stumbled.

You’ve fallen on your knees more times than once.

Yet, today you stand again!

Those trips and stumbles, and falls may have been the mistakes you’ve made in your life. We all make them. Heck, if you don’t feel like you have, check your knees again. I’m sure there are some residual marks left behind… 😉

We are all imperfect beings, capable of making decisions that aren’t always in the best interest of ourselves. Whether those decisions were well-informed decisions or not, they were made, and in some instances, resulted in consequences we wish we never had to encounter. Here’s the good news in this point. Without those mistakes; those ugly little consequences wouldn’t have occurred and you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn valuable lessons in life.  Hopefully, when you reflect on those mistakes, you are able to evaluate them and pull the silver…

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