Sometimes it takes a particular message being said a particular way that makes it stand out and truly have a great impact to your understanding. This past Sunday I sat in my Sunday school class and one of the resonating questions the leader asked the class was did we want to be rocks or sponges. Read it again. Do you want to be a rock or a sponge? The two materials simply put are just words, but when linked into that question became powerful and important for me to reflect upon.

I have always considered myself a learner; a life learner. I enjoy workshops, classes, and studying for various lessons. Yet, if you know me well, you know that I have just a itsy-bitsy bit of hardheadedness. The learner in me makes it easy for me to be ready to soak up any knowledge that I surround myself. The hardheaded piece of me, makes it easy for me to block out valuable information for my life; whether I see it to be that or not. So, when I heard the leader ask that question, I immediately wanted to stand up and shout in front of the class, “I want to be a sponge!” Yet, I also wanted to put my head down in shame because I am undoubtedly the rock at times.

I want to be the sponge because I want to always be in a position to become greater; learning more; gaining more ground in my life. I want to be the person that is open and approachable. I want to have learned so much that I’m able to share with others and be open to them sharing with me. I can’t be the sponge if I allow the rock in me to be front and center at any point in my life. Being the sponge doesn’t mean I don’t have the ability to decipher and disseminate information, take a stance, or think for myself. It means that because I do allow others to feed into me, I am able to do those things even better. Being the rock means that the experiences and knowledge that surrounds me never penetrates my life. I grow at a slower rate or no rate at all. I choose to be a giver and receiver of life. Thus, the sponge.

Today, I pose the same question to you. Are you a rock or sponge?