You sit at your office desk or favorite place in your house to get your day started. You, like most, begin to think about the tasks that you know are ahead of you on that date. Some of those tasks are work related, some may even be personal. Whichever category those tasks fit in, the inevitable can happen. You walk out the house to head to work and meet your car with two flat tires. Ouch! Talk about a slow down to your day. It was unexpected and definitely undesirable. You have two choices. You can start cursing at the top of your lungs, kicking the tires of your car or take a deep breath and begin praying. Why pray? Well for one, you weren’t driving that car while it could have possibly had a blowout. Secondly, getting all uptight about the unexpected situation definitely won’t solve the issue. Heck, I’ve seen where the wrong attitude exacerbates the issue. Praying is a way of re-focusing your thoughts, becoming more in tune with what is important, being thankful for the situation not being any worse than it could be, and getting answers for how you should proceed next.

True enough, the tire example is a simple issue in most cases. It could be that your boss walks into your office and drops a huge project in your lap on top of your already mounting work. You may be called to your child’s school because they were misbehaving for the day. In life, there are some unexpected circumstances that can have much greater impacts on our lives. Loss of jobs, family, or deterioration in health. Whatever the impact is, I’ve learned the only effective approach is to pray about the situation, listen closely to how I should prepare in addressing the unexpected, and move forward. Nine times out of ten, I’ve seen this process work and work well. Is it an easy task? Absolutely not. I even laugh when I think of the answer to that question. By no means, is it easy to consistently face adversity and keep a cool head. However, it is possible to be cognitive of our ability to do so and work our hardest to do just that.

No matter what today presents to you. No matter how long that ‘To-Do’ list was and how much you’re not able to actually get done on it, just stop, pray, prepare and proceed in knowing that the unexpected will happen, but your unwavering faith will get you through!

Until the next post, keep living out loud and do so passionately!