My dad and I had one of the best relationships I’ve ever had with another individual in my entire life. We could talk for hours and hours at a time. I could listen and listen to him talk for hours and hours at a time. He would fill me up with the most inspiring and encouraging words that it could take an army to try to tear down my confidence when he was done with me. I pretty much hung on to his every word. Even since his passing almost ten years ago, I still do. The one saying that he spoke that REPEATEDLY sticks out to me, especially when dealing with other people is: “You can’t solve an emotional problem with logic.”

While some people’s motives may make a little sense, there are others whose actions have absolutely nothing to do with nothing. It’s so easy to spend time trying to figure someone out; trying to know why they may have offended you; why they make less than smart decisions; why they do things that you know just don’t make sense. Save you, your brain and your heart some energy and remember that often times, people’s actions are merely a mirror of their emotion, not of their logic. The actions aren’t necessarily well thought out or even thought about to begin with. We are emotional beings battling making rational actions most every minute of our lives. Some people are more successful at the task than others. And guess what? You can’t spend much time trying to make sense of their battle. Just remember this saying when you’ve been wronged, confused, or left uncertain as to what made someone do what they did. It’s not for you to figure out!

I haven’t had anything recently happen that motivated my pen to this point, however, as I did my daily reflecting it hit me. I wanted to share with my readers that your valuable time in life should be spent pondering life’s wonderful moments, people, and things. It allows you more time to spend towards your passion; towards you.

I thank my dad every day for dropping that invaluable nugget into my conscience. I’ve never forgotten and it makes it easier for me to focus on what really matters in life.

Share this short nugget of living life out loud, on your terms and not bound by anyone else’s.