The List:

  • 2007 – Interviewed for a job – did not get the job
  • 2008 – Wanted to move to a desirable area of town – was not able to afford the rent
  • 2009 – Wanted to publish a book – could not publish the book
  • 2011 –  Interviewed again for job from 2007 – GOT the job
  • 2012 – Wanted to move to a desirable area of town – ABLE to afford the rent
  • 2012 – Wanted to publish a book – DID IT; published my first novel
  • 2016 – Want to keep progressing in life – WILL

This list isn’t about showing off or boasting about accomplishments, it simply speaks to the importance of timing. Not just timing, but perfect timing. I was in a conversation a few days ago with a co-worker. It started out about lifestyles, then moved on to careers and happiness of the job, and somewhere in the course of the discussion we talked about how some people race to complain about their current situation. “I should’ve gotten that job.” “I deserved that more than they did.””I wish I had this or I’d be happier with that.” Truth is we are where we are for a variety of reasons, but we have to accept that the ‘right now’ factor is not the ‘coming tomorrow‘ factor.

I’ve been guilty of the ‘right now’ mentality and have to make conscious efforts not to get caught up in what my now looks like. How do I do it? It’s in no way easy, but I try to remember the ‘once upon a times’ and how they became my ‘coming tomorrow’. There are so many of those moments. Sometimes I literally have to make a mental or physical list to remind myself that my ‘right now’ is no different than my ‘once upon a times’. Your right now is clearly a transition; a catalyst made up of time as you head to your ‘coming tomorrow’. It’s all about perfect timing. What isn’t reflected in that list is all the minute growing pains and gains that took place. What one can’t see from that list is the burst of maturity, the acceptance of change, and the faith to know the difference. I think back to what was going on in my life when I was facing a ‘could not’. I remember who I was during those times and let’s just say I’m thankful that I received them all; even as unfair as it may have seemed then the timing wasn’t for me. Now isn’t always the time for some things to happen. That’s why patience was created. We have to have it. We have to accept it. We have to live with it.

It’s imperative that at the front of our brains we keep the ‘GOT’, ‘ABLE, and ‘DID IT’ present. You don’t ignore that there was a ‘did not’ ‘could not’ or ‘not able’ , but be positive knowing that they are only temporary and with faith, growth, and maturity the best is yet to come. Try making you a list today or any day that you start questioning your current situation. If you notice, the last thing you should ALWAYS have on your list is the ‘WILL’. The will to be faithful; to make the right decisions; to accept growth; to know that forward is all you WILL accept.


Keep forward with the WILL passionistas! Your ‘coming tomorrow’ is just around the corner!