I think we’ve all done it. Wished we could go back and talk to our younger self. I wish I could’ve told little Chris how resilient she’d become; how no matter the pain or hurt she’d experience the resonating rainbow would diminish it all; how the obstacles she’d create or encounter would become testimonies for those who looked on from afar. I wish I would’ve been able to tell little Chris that herĀ dreams could be realized, actualized, and mobilized into her every day life; that her heart could be more open and more transparent than even she’d want it to; that her struggles simply become her strength; her lessons become leadership and fuel life into herself and others; her guard become her guide to truth and release. Little Chris had no clue who she’d become. She was unaware of what was in the making; in the plan; from the beginning of time before even her mother knew who she’d be. Tonight I was reflecting and felt a tremendous thankfulness for who I’ve become. Thankful that little Chris has become grown woman Chris; faithful Chris; unafraid and unashamed Chris; driven and purposeful Chris. Hopefully a Chris that even little Chris would be proud to become.