Imagine you’re your five year old self on a sunny afternoon in the park. You leave the swing set because you see the park commission has installed a brand new seesaw right in the middle of the landscape. It’s the first time you’ve ever seen a seesaw, but your curiosity won’t allow you to not go see what the contraption does. You immediately hop on one end and without warning you flop down to the ground. Crash! A hard crash at that.

You look at the other end and wonder how you can make it go back up. You get off the end you’re sitting on and run over to the other end. You proceed to sit down on that end and without warning you flop down to the ground. Again crash! Another hard crash at that.

Scratching your head you spend a few more minutes trying to figure out how to get the seesaw to work. You want to know how to make it balance out. Just in time, another kid comes over and sits on the opposite end rescuing you from your dismay. And for those few moments in time, all was well and there was balance in your little young life.

Growing up, all the advice in the world can’t prepare one to know how to balance life consistently. It’s always trial and error. Sometimes there is something sitting on the other end of the seesaw with you making life work just right. Other times there is nothing on the other end and life seems that much more confusing, thrown off, and down right unbalanced. In some frustrating situations, there is something on the other end of the seesaw and life is still unbalanced.

Regardless of which end of the seesaw you sit on or what’s on the other end, the balancing act will never be perfect; it will be ongoing. Just when you’re headed in the up direction and it feels like you’re gaining a stabilized position, LIFE does it’s favorite thing and throws you off balance. It’s important to know that you HAVE to keep working at the balance. You HAVE to continue knowing that regardless of what is or isn’t at the other end of seesaw, your efforts to keep a balance in life is necessary.

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