CHipsThe worst thing a person can do is consciously or subconsciously walk around with a chip on their shoulder. As light as an actual chip is perceived to be, having a chip on your shoulder is one of the heaviest burdens an individual can CHOOSE to carry. Is it true that life can throw some horrible things our way? Undesirable situations for sure. Is it even more true that people can and will offend us? In the words of TD Jakes, life is full of offenses and they are not going anywhere.

It’s a persons level of maturity in life that allows them to keep moving forward regardless of what has made them feel uncomfortable, alter positive outcomes for them, or left them feeling violated and stressed. As a survivor of domestic abuse, I know what it’s like to have the option of being mad at the world; at my abuser even more, but somewhere down the line I’ve realized that I couldn’t let those moments in my past hinder me from my future. There have been jobs I’ve interviewed for and not been offered the position. There are people who have out right left me feeling lonely and angry. In all of those situations, I’ve been able to move forward and keep a positive outlook on my future. I refuse to carry those moments as heavy baggage into my future. They are moments that I’ve not allowed to become chips upon my shoulder, yet building blocks and learning tools for how to deal with the next similar type person or situation. Those would be chips became some darn good eating.

Today, I urge you to LET IT GO! Move on from that place of angry, disappointed, self-destruction or annoyed. Move towards that place of healing, freedom, potential, and resilience. Dig deep into that bag of chips and eat them one by one; never letting them rest upon your shoulders!

Until the next post, passionistas, continue living passionately and do it out loud!