A few days ago, I finally broke down and took my daughter to her first optometry visit. To my surprise, I was informed that she needed glasses. What really stuck out to me from the visit is when the doctor said, “Her brain is working harder than it has to.” Whoa! That was a powerful statement. My daughter’s brain was actually doing more work than it had to when it came to seeing things; specifically reading. Her prescription would ‘fix’ her vision and she no longer would have to try to figure things out with more effort than what was needed. She would see things more clearly.

The doctor’s statement was so profound and made me think about how it applied to our life choices in general. How often do we find ourselves trying to make a situation work? Think about it. Yes, we have plans and objectives in life. We have tasks that assist in achieving the end results, but sometimes we overwork ourselves trying to make it to point Z. Sometimes we push too hard, when maybe we just need to sit back, put some glasses on and stop working our brains so hard. I can think of many times where I thought so hard about a situation that was practically out of my control. In some instances, my persistent actions to see or make change happen eventually created more problems than resolutions. I’m slowly learning as I mature that every action doesn’t require my reaction. I more quickly accept that the time may not be now, but in due time. My forced actions don’t always make me see things more clearly or make change happen in my favor.

Whew… What a revelation the doctor spoke that day with no intent at all. So my question to you is do you need glasses? Do you need to take a moment and just listen and be in the moment? Stop fighting against things that you have no control over; over-thinking; overworking ourselves, when the outcome will often be what was designed to be without your input. That relationship; that job; that promotion; children; those finances may require you to just step back for just a moment and see what comes of it. Stop harping over things that you have absolutely no control over. It doesn’t mean you’re giving up on a situation. It just means that you realize pushing the needle won’t always make the temperature perfect. Sometimes the outside climate has to encourage the change. Pray about it, realize that it is temporary and be prepared for the next step when the door of opportunity presents itself. Oh yeah, don’t forget to put your glasses on.