pencil sharpenerThis post is strictly for those that are professionals, non-professionals or aspiring to enter into a new industry; a new job; whether it be paid or unpaid. It’s for the person that is underdeveloped, developed, or overdeveloped in their career or area of expertise. Simply put, it’s for you. Whether you’re at a place in life that you’re happy with or not, there is ALWAYS room to sharpen your pencil.

Docent, cashier, salesman, intern, administrative professional, writer, facilitator, speaker, supervisor, procurement professional, promoter, VP, CEO, club president ~ regardless of where you do or don’t fit in this list there will always be the need to have your skills documented; your experience. While the booming age of technology is changing most everything; you best believe that the documentation of your skills, whether printed or electronic, is still part of the present.

It’s good to say, I can do this, this and this. It’s delightful to say I’ve done that, that, and that. However, its more impressive to be able to display that in written, concise and clear format. To do that, you need to have a ‘ready’ resume or portfolio at all times. Every time you accomplish something new update that resume/portfolio. Get a second (or sometimes 3rd pair of eyes) on it. There are tons of people and companies that offer this service. Now I won’t get into the various ways to write your resume or develop your portfolio (I’ll leave that to the experts), but I will say, get one written or get one revised. As a human being you’re in a constant state of evolution and so is the same for your skills and talents. Don’t miss out on your next big opportunity all because you couldn’t highlight what you are truly capable of doing in writing. There is nothing worse than standing at the door of opportunity unprepared. Don’t let that door get jammed for you. Your resume/portfolio is just another tool to success in ensuring your future remains nice and sharp!