me as authorClearly my most evident moment of following a passion is seen from my title as Author Christin Webb. It is the most rewarding title I possess to date. It’s more empowering to me than any of the degrees I have. After years of writing and editing and writing and editing some more, in 2013, I self-published my first fiction novel, Enough Time. It’s a 50,000 plus word count of my hard work, sweat, and sometimes even my tears!

As I shared with an audience once, my passion for writing, or any passion for that matter, is one that can’t be taken away from you. No matter how many people try to find fault in some of the efforts I make (as undoubtedly some will), they can’t take away the life that my passion gives me. On this day, three years ago, I watched my words come to life in a book and online with my name on the front page. I’m in love with becoming the greater me; whether that’s writer, author, screenwriter, speaker, or producer Christin Webb; the journey has been priceless!

Don’t worry, in case you hadn’t yet, you can get your Ebook at Amazon and Barnes and Noble TODAY!

To the next three years, keep living passionately out loud!!!!

Happy Authorversary to ME!!!