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September 2015

Sharpened Pencil

pencil sharpenerThis post is strictly for those that are professionals, non-professionals or aspiring to enter into a new industry; a new job; whether it be paid or unpaid. It’s for the person that is underdeveloped, developed, or overdeveloped in their career or area of expertise. Simply put, it’s for you. Whether you’re at a place in life that you’re happy with or not, there is ALWAYS room to sharpen your pencil.

Docent, cashier, salesman, intern, administrative professional, writer, facilitator, speaker, supervisor, procurement professional, promoter, VP, CEO, club president ~ regardless of where you do or don’t fit in this list there will always be the need to have your skills documented; your experience. While the booming age of technology is changing most everything; you best believe that the documentation of your skills, whether printed or electronic, is still part of the present.

It’s good to say, I can do this, this and this. It’s delightful to say I’ve done that, that, and that. However, its more impressive to be able to display that in written, concise and clear format. To do that, you need to have a ‘ready’ resume or portfolio at all times. Every time you accomplish something new update that resume/portfolio. Get a second (or sometimes 3rd pair of eyes) on it. There are tons of people and companies that offer this service. Now I won’t get into the various ways to write your resume or develop your portfolio (I’ll leave that to the experts), but I will say, get one written or get one revised. As a human being you’re in a constant state of evolution and so is the same for your skills and talents. Don’t miss out on your next big opportunity all because you couldn’t highlight what you are truly capable of doing in writing. There is nothing worse than standing at the door of opportunity unprepared. Don’t let that door get jammed for you. Your resume/portfolio is just another tool to success in ensuring your future remains nice and sharp!


It’s My Authorversary!!!!

me as authorClearly my most evident moment of following a passion is seen from my title as Author Christin Webb. It is the most rewarding title I possess to date. It’s more empowering to me than any of the degrees I have. After years of writing and editing and writing and editing some more, in 2013, I self-published my first fiction novel, Enough Time. It’s a 50,000 plus word count of my hard work, sweat, and sometimes even my tears!

As I shared with an audience once, my passion for writing, or any passion for that matter, is one that can’t be taken away from you. No matter how many people try to find fault in some of the efforts I make (as undoubtedly some will), they can’t take away the life that my passion gives me. On this day, three years ago, I watched my words come to life in a book and online with my name on the front page. I’m in love with becoming the greater me; whether that’s writer, author, screenwriter, speaker, or producer Christin Webb; the journey has been priceless!

Don’t worry, in case you hadn’t yet, you can get your Ebook at Amazon and Barnes and Noble TODAY!

To the next three years, keep living passionately out loud!!!!

Happy Authorversary to ME!!!

The Worst Doubt…

self doubtI read a great quote today that I hope resonates with you today:

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”

Most days you are faced with some type of adversity. Unfortunately, some of that adversity is people doubting your abilities to be great; to achieve greatness; to be 100% all you were created to me. They are the naysayers, haters, success blockers, and out right negative people. Some you may not come in contact with and others you know very well, as they may be co-workers, friends, and even family. Life is quirky that way. It’s full of opposition.

Opposition from others is something that you can’t get around. The worst opposition you can have is the opposition against self. Yet, it is the easiest opposition to avoid. Stop questioning yourself. Stop wondering if you have what it takes to make it to that next phase in your life. You do. The first step in making that happen is to believe; have faith. Next, take the right action. Turn that doubt into determination and dedication. Nothing is worse that you doubting you. The world will barely turn. Your future could possibly be stunted. Your doubt is nothing more than fear and fear is of the enemy.

What’s amazing about the lack of self-doubt is that those same naysayers and doubters of your ability will begin to see the true you; the you that you were created to be. Their doubt may become belief in your definiteness.

Starting today and every day going forward, claim an affirmation that speaks life into you. Here are a few examples to start with.

“I am full of potential and greatness. That potential can’t be stolen, only given away.”

“I have no reason to question my ability to be great!”

“What I will do today is be true to myself and be great in doing so.”

Until the next post, fulfill your life by being passionate!

The Practical Pursuit of Success

Success Just Ahead - Green Billboard on the Rising Sun Background.

For the last three years this blog has continuously stressed the importance of following your passion, striving to be the great you, and working towards success. In between a lot of the theoretical jargon, there have been posts about steps on obtaining those goals of success or passion(s). Today, I want to focus only on the practicality of success.

Must you believe in yourself? Must you have an undeniable attachment to what your passion(s) or goals are? Is faith clearly apart of the process to reaching said passion or goals? But of course. Without works, faith is dead according to James 2:14-26. This scripture couldn’t be more evidently true. Yet, sometimes we have to pull our heads from out of the clouds and let our mental desires align with our body and just do it. You may have a passion or goal to gain a specific position at work; you may want to gain new clients for your passion of baking; you may even desire to become a playwright. Whatever that burning desire or passion is, its only that without the required action. Success is practical, not just theory. Theory is good because it gets us to thinking about what we want to do, but being practical gets us to obtaining that desired outcome. What’s the point in traveling the path of the rainbow and never getting to the ‘pot of gold’ we always hear about?

Much of what I’ve accomplished to date didn’t come with me only believing in myself. It came with me actually taking the steps required to become author, screenwriter, or professional Christin Webb. I had to research. I had to study. I had to earn multiple degrees. If today you have a goal, but aren’t putting your feet to the pavement, I urge you to sit down (don’t stay there long though) and devise a plan. The old school way would be to get a pen, paper and write down what steps are needed to become the great you that you see yourself being. Research and network, then modify those plans accordingly. Create milestones to track your progress. Reward yourself when you have met some of those milestones and when you haven’t. Critique what may have made you miss the mark. Don’t let those missed marks or ‘failures’ deter you from continuing your pursuit. Inquire to some of the same people you networked with to see if they can see something in your actions that you couldn’t. Their feedback may be invaluable.

Now if you’re someone who already gets it; you already know what it means to practically chase down success, your task is simple. Share your experiences with those that are currently in pursuit of success. Remember, you were once in pursuit. Reach out to that younger you or that underdeveloped you and let them know that 1) their plan is commendable and 2) constructively provide them with feedback that could catapult them into their next hemisphere of success.

Let’s work to not only believe in ourselves; trust that we are capable of achieving those goals and/or passions, but put our bodies in motion and let success know that its ours for the taking!

Until the next post, let’s all live passionately and out loud!

*The author of this post is not the owner of the image*

Undoubtedly Great…

Just a simple message for you today…

Be your own reminder of how great Greatnessyou are. Don’t let others define or confirm whether or not you are great.

Don’t be ashamed that you were created to be 100% you; uniquely defined; greatly shaped to exist with purpose and long-lasting impact on the world.

Your greatness is like no one else’s and shouldn’t be hindered with doubt or regard for anyone’s ego, but reflected with the clarity of knowing you are undoubtedly great!

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