Plus SignNow days you have to love what media of all types offers us as a society. Almost instantaneously we learn of what may be happening hundreds, thousands, and even millions of miles away from us at any given time. What is amazing, however, is that most media, whether it be a news outlet or social media, the majority of what we are made aware of is everything from negative to negative. True enough, every now and again, they will strive to bring ‘good news’ to us; maybe one or two stories per day, but it’s clearly overshadowed by all the negated things that are happening.

I LOVE learning what’s going on around me. I always want to be in the know; be informed, but it is ultimately draining to ones spirit when all that is fed to you is one negative outcome to the next. Am I to turn the television off? Do I shut down my computer for good or log off of every social media or news site that I often peruse? Of course not. Like I said I love learning what’s going on around me.

The stories that try to keep us mad and angry; disappointed and disillusioned aren’t going away. What I’m learning that I have to do is keep the positive things that I know are happening around me in the forefront of my thoughts. Yes, there are some bad things going on in life that may require me to take action or take a stand, but I’m more concerned with keeping my spirit feeling good; being healthy. For every horror story on You Tube or Facebook of CNN or Fox News or News One and so on, there are tons of positive things that exist. Maybe we have to dig a little harder. I’ve promised myself that when I run across a ‘feel good’ story, I’m going to share that one. I’m going to do less sharing and promoting the negative stories and more of sharing what makes us feel good. It’s important that we keep in mind what the positive things are. They may not outweigh the wrong, but there is the small possibility that those stories will begin to keep us more focused on the positive than the negative.