headshot in black and whiteOne of my favorite mottos in life is based on the fact that our success is greatly dependent upon our intentional actions towards obtaining them. You will get absolutely no where without stepping forward; one step at a time, and putting your full self; 100%, into whatever your goals are. Be it a degree, a job, a relationship, or whatever, along with God’s purpose for your life, you MUST be the change agent in your own life. You don’t ‘happen up on‘ your goals. If you’ve ever achieved any of your goals, and I’m sure you’ve achieved some, you were intentional about obtaining them. You, in a sense, introduced yourself to what your intent was. That last job you had, you set your eye on it; you prepared; you earned a degree; you networked; you worked hard; you stayed positive and in essence you began the introduction to your success. In case you’ve found yourself in a rut or maybe began to ask the questions on where or how you’ll get to your next phase in life, more importantly, get to it successfully, start today by introducing yourself to you again. Introduce yourself to that job; relationship; house; family; degree. Be intentional and know that it won’t just fall into your lap. Literally say, ‘Hi, my name is ____________ and I’m going to achieve said goal!’ It’s yours for the taking!

“You can’t stumble upon greatness; you have to intentionally walk up to it and introduce yourself.”