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July 2015

Intentional Introduction

headshot in black and whiteOne of my favorite mottos in life is based on the fact that our success is greatly dependent upon our intentional actions towards obtaining them. You will get absolutely no where without stepping forward; one step at a time, and putting your full self; 100%, into whatever your goals are. Be it a degree, a job, a relationship, or whatever, along with God’s purpose for your life, you MUST be the change agent in your own life. You don’t ‘happen up on‘ your goals. If you’ve ever achieved any of your goals, and I’m sure you’ve achieved some, you were intentional about obtaining them. You, in a sense, introduced yourself to what your intent was. That last job you had, you set your eye on it; you prepared; you earned a degree; you networked; you worked hard; you stayed positive and in essence you began the introduction to your success. In case you’ve found yourself in a rut or maybe began to ask the questions on where or how you’ll get to your next phase in life, more importantly, get to it successfully, start today by introducing yourself to you again. Introduce yourself to that job; relationship; house; family; degree. Be intentional and know that it won’t just fall into your lap. Literally say, ‘Hi, my name is ____________ and I’m going to achieve said goal!’ It’s yours for the taking!

“You can’t stumble upon greatness; you have to intentionally walk up to it and introduce yourself.”


The Positive Thing Is…

Plus SignNow days you have to love what media of all types offers us as a society. Almost instantaneously we learn of what may be happening hundreds, thousands, and even millions of miles away from us at any given time. What is amazing, however, is that most media, whether it be a news outlet or social media, the majority of what we are made aware of is everything from negative to negative. True enough, every now and again, they will strive to bring ‘good news’ to us; maybe one or two stories per day, but it’s clearly overshadowed by all the negated things that are happening.

I LOVE learning what’s going on around me. I always want to be in the know; be informed, but it is ultimately draining to ones spirit when all that is fed to you is one negative outcome to the next. Am I to turn the television off? Do I shut down my computer for good or log off of every social media or news site that I often peruse? Of course not. Like I said I love learning what’s going on around me.

The stories that try to keep us mad and angry; disappointed and disillusioned aren’t going away. What I’m learning that I have to do is keep the positive things that I know are happening around me in the forefront of my thoughts. Yes, there are some bad things going on in life that may require me to take action or take a stand, but I’m more concerned with keeping my spirit feeling good; being healthy. For every horror story on You Tube or Facebook of CNN or Fox News or News One and so on, there are tons of positive things that exist. Maybe we have to dig a little harder. I’ve promised myself that when I run across a ‘feel good’ story, I’m going to share that one. I’m going to do less sharing and promoting the negative stories and more of sharing what makes us feel good. It’s important that we keep in mind what the positive things are. They may not outweigh the wrong, but there is the small possibility that those stories will begin to keep us more focused on the positive than the negative.

Person First. Mommy Second.

mommyI had such a monumental moment in my life the last six weeks. My seven-year old was away for the summer for the first time ever. Not only was she away from me, but she was thousands of miles away from me. To give you a better picture, I live in Memphis, Tennessee and she was in Portland, Oregon, the majority of her time. I was very glad to have some me time for a while, but I also had some understandable apprehension. The situation was new for both of us. We’ve never spent more than a week apart the last seven years and I didn’t know how I (or she) would hold up for such a long period of time away from each other. Surprisingly, I had the hardest time than she did. We talked every day, but I promise, she was having such a blast being with other family members that she didn’t seem to have a hard time coping – not one day.

The time off gave me a LOT of time to do some soul-searching. There were days where I was busy doing non-mommy things from dawn to dusk. Other days, I had absolutely nothing to do. In between all of that time, I learned that outside of promoting my first book, I’d spent the last seven years being ‘mommy first’ and Christin second. Some of the time, I couldn’t find things to do. I was out the loop on much of the local happenings. Many of my relationships with people had become few and far in between in the last seven years, so I didn’t necessarily have tons of people to call to say, “Let’s hang out” or “What are you doing later.” Talk about eye-opening for me. While I have always LOVED doing for my daughter; nurturing her; building her social life, I realized that my social life had come to a complete halt. I think many dedicated mothers can relate to this.

Well, yesterday my baby girl came home and going forward I promise to make time for me. Even if it’s just once a month. I will treat myself. I will pay attention to only me. I will hang out with other adults. I will let my hair down and pretend I don’t have a child for at least once a month. I need to. If I don’t I may find myself with another seven years passing me by becoming completly lost in parenthood. I will never forget that I’m Christin Webb first and someone’s mother second. So glad we had some time apart or otherwise I may not have actualized it the way that I have.

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