DressIt’s been a minute since I last blogged.*inserts shameful face here*. I guess I was looking for some sort of inspiration. Well a few days ago I was infused with some over due inspiration. I’ve spent most of the beginning of 2015 reorganizing and revamping my life. With that, I’ve been purging things I no longer need; that are making my living space cluttered. I’m convinced it was something of a requirement for me to move forward. While I was doing so, I ran across the dress you see in the picture. It’s a very elegant grey dress with spaghetti straps threaded with faux diamonds. It’s about 16 years old, but speaks volume to my past.

To you this dress may be just that – a dress. To me it represents a blossoming period in my life. Up until the age of 17 I was very tomboyish and never really cared for dressing “girlie”. For whatever reason I decided I’d attempt to run for the Miss East High pageant in my 12th grade year. The idea was far-fetched at the time. Why I even concocted the thought, remains unknown. It was uncharted waters for me; completely out of my character. I was willing however, to step outside of my comfort zone and do something different. Surprisingly, I went into the pageant resting in my cocoon and when I won I’d metamorphosed into a butterfly. I still have the dress I was awarded the title of Miss East High School 1999. I don’t think I’ll ever let it go.

I tell this story because it exemplifies the point that life is all amount evolving moments. Life is a field of transitions. Making changes. Embracing them. Take those chances that seem abnormal for you. Do something that you never thought you’d do and see where it may take you. Sixteen years ago, I took a step towards the unknown and came out with more than I expected. That moment became a foundation for the many other moments that have shaped me into who I am today. And quite frankly, I’m pleased with who I am and who I will continue to grow into. Now you do the same!