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October 2014

Awakened with Purpose

Awakened Purpose

I awaken with purpose
With my vision inclined to see the very possibilities of my future
I am the way of my happiness; the truth of my peace
I breathe the energy into my ability to be passionate and embrace the heart beat of positivity
I awaken with purpose
I reject negated thoughts of defeat
I defy the challenges that attempt to steal the joy that is defined for my life
I move forward with intention, determination, and victory already achieved
I awaken with purpose
For the purpose is within me, lives through me, and can be seen around me
The purpose is not chaotic
It is the solace and the intuitiveness of who I am
I awaken with purpose
My soul is encouraged
My spirit is fulfilled
My mind is renewed with the purpose of this day and those to come
I awaken with purpose
The yesterdays are no longer present
My mistakes aren’t familiar to where I’m going
I am the being created with intent, discovery and the impact of life.
I awaken with purpose
I awaken
– By: Christin Webb

Defy the Odds

Today my message is simple. So often, we doubt ourselves by the words that others define as truth. The reality is, your truth is based on your perception; your drive; your resilience to gain what you have rightly dreamed and defined as your goal. Others may not believe in it. They may not have the ability to have the vision you do for yourself; your future. Don’t allow others to doubt what it is you are seeking; working so hard to obtain. Know that when it’s all said and done, they’ll see your truth and hopefully relinquish that spirit of doubt. Be passionate about what you want. Never let that passion go. Introduce to some and present yourself to others. It’s up to you!

Defy the Odds

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