We are petitioned to look after our fellow brothers and sisters. So often as individuals we are praying and seeking out blessings for our own lives. And while those blessings may clearly be the things you are expecting and need to move forward in your life, the bigger piece of the pie is what you do when you are put in a position to bless others. It’s easy to hold our pockets and purses tightly when we see someone in need. It’s without delay that we often look at our watches and determine we don’t have time to spare for others. But what if you have the money or the time? What do you do then? Do you step up to the calling for your life in that moment?

The gift in being alive and able is knowing that the greater blessing is when you can selfishly give your time; your money; your heart; your listening ear, etc to others that may be going through something different from what you’re experiencing in your current season, especially when you are positioned to do so. Think back to those times that you were without something and a blessing came from someone unexpected. Remembering those moments as you help others becomes the greatest reward. Be the blessing that someone else needs in their life. Start today!