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August 2014

Climb Every Mountain…


Climb every mountain
Search, high and low
Follow every byway
Every path you know

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I LOVE to start a good post off with a memorable song. I remember singing “Climb Every Mountain” when I was in elementary school and I always love to hear it on the classic movie ‘Sound of Music’. Today it seemed most fitting for what my recent life experience has been.

The last few weeks have been quite interesting for me. My plate is feeling much more full than I care for it to be, but I’m remaining optimistic in that I know this too shall pass. Yesterday, I made a pretty tough decision on something I was toiling with and somewhere in my decision-making it made me think about the different challenges I’ve experienced over the years. I compared those challenges to mountains and how I had no choice but to figure out a way to get past each of them.

What was my approach? I chose to climb them. I wanted to get to the other side of the challenge therefore I needed to be strategic on how I would successfully climb each mountain. Each planned step in my strategy was a stake I planted; sometimes soundly and other times maybe not in such solid areas of my mountain. In those more hollow areas, I had to re-evaluate the situation and find another place to position my stake. Surprisingly, I’m alive and well today, thus I can say, I’ve climbed over some mountains in my life. You can say the same as well. You’re reading this today, positioned differently than you were years, months, even days ago. You’ve overcome some things in your life, even if you’re facing a new mountain today. Some may argue why not just walk around the mountain? Well, my response is, think how much stronger I’ll be on the other side when I’ve used more muscle, more tenacity, more determination, more will power to get to the other side of the mountain.

The key to the idea of climbing mountains and the resonating point is that there will always be a mountain that presents itself. Sometimes you’ll see it closer down your path and other times it may be too foggy to see until you walk closer to your life’s destination. Either way, you have one of two choices. Climb the mountain or keep looking from the bottom wondering what the other side looks like. Know that every mountain isn’t the same height, length, or depth, therefore your plan to overcome must be keenly tailored to each new challenge. It doesn’t matter if the new mountain looks like the highest mountain you’ll ever have to climb. You can and will. Your approach will need to be different, but you can.

Today if you’re facing a new mountain, remember the previous mountains that you overcame. You were able to pay that bill; to pass that test; get that job; switch careers; work out that relationship. The new mountain is just another opportunity for you to realize your strength, potential and determination that was given to you. Claim your victory!

Until the next post, passionistos and passionistas, keep pushing and climb on!



Bucket Filler…

I laugh when I think of the term ‘Bucket Filler’. What is it exactly? Well, my six-year-old schooled me on it yesterday afternoon as she excitedly got in the car after school.

“Mommy! I’m a bucket filler!” she proclaimed. She proceeds to pull out a piece of paper that showed a colorful bucket filled with paper and what-nots.

“I’m lost. What’s that, baby?” I replied. Clearly I’d never heard the term before yesterday.

“A bucket filler is someone who does something nice for someone. It can be a smile or a hug. Maybe even just nice words. They work hard to do the right thing all the time,” she answered as she continued to smile from ear to ear regarding her report.

“Now that’s new to me. I like it though! So, tell me. Are you a bucket filler, baby?”

When I didn’t think her smile could get any larger, she said, “I am, mommy!” I smiled in return.
“Guess what else?”

“What’s that?”

“You don’t want to be a bucket digger,” she said shaking her head from side to side.

“What’s a bucket digger?” I knew it had to the opposite of a bucket filler, but I definitely wanted to hear her definition.

“A bucket digger is someone who doesn’t do the right thing. They are always taking from others, meaning mean, getting in trouble, not being nice.” Her smiled turned into a frown.

“Do you want to be a bucket digger?” I asked.

“Of course not, mommy! I’m a bucket filler for sure!” We both smiled and continued to our destination.

And I took this conversation as reiteration to my life that it’s all about being a bucket filler; a giver; not a taker. Regardless of what your profession is; no matter what your spiritual beliefs may be; regardless of how you perceive your impact on life, we’re required and should take the attitude that we MUST be bucket fillers. In general, I’m always looking for ways or being presented with opportunities to be a ‘bucket filler’. I just didn’t know that’s what I was representing.

Our hearts must be in the right place. Our actions must also follow. We must be purposeful in our intent to positively impact life and others. I just wanted to post this today to encourage you to strive to always be a bucket filler. It can be easy to allow life’s challenges and disappointments to distract and cause us to be selfish, rather than selfless; less than nonchalant about our fellow-man and more concerned with the overall well-being of our neighbors. The fulfillment of your life depends on it. And to think, it took a six-year-old to expound on this point! 😉

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