clock turn backIf you could go back in time and start all over again; turn the clocks or calendars back some years; I mean practically back to birth or maybe early adolescence, would you hope to be who you are today?

Hopefully the answer is yes.

If your answer is no, now is a perfect time to re-evaluate where you are in your life. Have you achieved some of your goals or have you allowed life’s challenges to deter you? Try giving up the attitude of defeat and pick up a new attitude of resilience. I have a LONG list of stories that could be perceived as defeat, but in the larger picture they are actually stories of my ability to continue working on the better me.

The person you are today should be a greater projection of who you were born to be. We all can stand to be better than the person we were yesterday and today. Life is all about progress. It’s about becoming the better you.

Are you proud of your journey? When you answer this question, don’t think about the individual moments, but the entire journey as a whole. Your individual experiences, be it good or bad, are all about the full scope of the journey. You’re alive today. You have the ability to positively impact your life and others. That in itself makes the journey a good one.

Are you working to make the remainder of your journey an even greater experience? Don’t stop at the today. Tomorrow requires just as much from you as yesterday and today. Maybe you’ve done great so far. Your reports may not be full of disappointing moments or despair, but you’ve still got a great deal left to do. If there is room for improvement (and of course there is), stand tall today and show the younger you that you are greater, stronger and will only pick up more momentum. The challenges you face today are only temporary and do not define the potential for a positive tomorrow.

Start today or continue to put yourself in a position that will allow you to proudly say, “Younger me, I love who we’ve become.”